Friday, February 1, 2013

Cuna Pictures (and some history)

I hung out with one of Cuna's former owners the other day and she gave me a whole disc of Cuna pictures, YAY!! They aren't necessarily in chronological order, but here's some shots of the younger Cuna. I think she had him from age 12-17 or thereabouts.
Hanging out with bff Denali

Running XC at a local facility
More local XC
Schooling at Herron Park (I think)
More schooling
It's water Cuna!! ;) Mr Sensitive seems to have a special pad.
Horse show Cuna! Some things never change.
Cuna at Rebecca
Galloping at Rebecca
Jumping! Note his always-tidy hind end.
Another gallop
This jump scares me. So giant.
Doing Christmas pics with his old owner at home
Dressage Cuna at a horse trial
Running XC

Showjumping Cuna!
His USEA records indicate that he usually finished in the middle of the pack at recognized events, but I like to think it's because he's such a jumping machine that no one worried to much about dressage. :p Nothing to do with conformation/interest level whatsoever.

I've also found a show photographer with some sweet pics I plan on getting eventually. You guys will have to wait for legal copies, though. It's how I roll.

No recent progress on giant red bambi baby pics, but I'm hoping to catch a break. I know Cuna was in the Fresno area before his previous owner had him, so if you know of a giant red bambi horse there in the early 2000s, let me know. :)


  1. Aww, he looks great! How nice for you to be able to get some old pictures of him.

  2. Aw! His gallop looks fantastic:)

  3. That is awesome...what a nice former owner! I got baby pics of a horse I used to own. It is so fun to see their growing up!

  4. Fun! Those pictures are super cool. What level did he event to?

    1. I'm not sure. With his previous owner, he went novice. I thought she said she jumped a lot bigger things trying him out, so I don't know what the owner before her did and I haven't found a way to track it yet. Give me time!

  5. Yay! Such a pro, and gotta love the tongue lolling for "Horse show Cuna."

  6. He's so cute and look SO happy in all his pics! He loves his job :)

  7. I LOVE the red horse :)

    He looks fab

  8. How about I ask my bloggy friends if THEY know a cuna since we live about 3 hours away from fresno! What was his show name when he evented?

  9. So nice to find old pictures of him! He really is a been around the block kind of horse - that's great.

  10. Very cool to have old pictures of him! I wish I had more baby pictures of Hue too. Good luck with the search.

  11. He's gorgeous as always! I love going back and looking at old pictures of the horses.

  12. Love the old photos! It's always great to look back and see where are ponies have been vs where they are now :D

  13. Super nice to have pictures of Cuna from "way back when." Hope you find more!!

  14. How cool to be able to get those pics. They are awesome. I especially like the horse show cuna one. How adorable.

  15. Lovely pics! Looks like GE really enjoys his job :)

  16. So cool to be able to talk to an old owner and to get old pictures!! He's so gorgeous! Good luck getting baby pictures!


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