Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Finding My Happy Place

I have these long lists of things I should be doing. I have a list for my barn job, a list for my office job, and a list for my housework. That isn't even counting the list of stuff I really want to do like "read a book" or "actually finish writing something".

I've even been procrastinating on blogging because I have a list of things I ought to do here that I haven't even touched. The lists are so long at this point that I've just kind of mentally shut down. I'm vacillating between apathy and irritation and I'm over it.

In the spirit of just trying to move forward, here is a post things I am enjoying right now (no lists need apply).

New hacking trail last week that led to some cool cliffs. Pretty sweet ride and Cuna led the whole way on our first trot set of the year. 18 is the new 6. ;-)

Happy corgi loves doggy funland aka "the barn". Here he is, waiting to go and being charming.

The beagle has actually run off less times than I would have expected for a hound and he loves every minute of being a barn dog. After the snow, he found some giant popsicles that entertained him for quite a while.

And today. The snow is slowing melting off, but the arena is still pretty frozen in the mornings (think lake). He had Monday and Tuesday off, so I tacked up, hopped on, and took him down the road. He went on the buckle most of the way and was just his usual lovely self.

I swear, it doesn't matter how bad the day has been, a hack on this boy can fix almost anything.

Maybe a longer hack with some hills would persuade me to start on one of those gnarly looking lists. Anyone else stuck in a winter funk?


  1. Oh, I not just stuck in a winter funk, I am stuck in a regular stupid funk. Still no career job after graduating, no house because of lack of career job, my dad still hasn't found a job, and no riding of course because of the STUPID SNOW AND MUD. I say no to all the funks!

  2. yes, but I can see the glorious end in sight! then again we got 0 snow where I live in WA this year, so I don't have much to gripe about.

  3. My feelings exactly, so much to do it is crippling

  4. Yes. Thinking about not going to work today. :0/

  5. I totally go through this - the lists get so long I just can't face them anymore. I usually wallow for a day or two and then I pick one TINY thing that will take me like 5 or 10 minutes and just force myself to DO it. Since it's easy, I usually feel motivated to try another tiny thing. Then another. Maybe I pick something that takes a whole 30 minutes next. But if I get tired, I give myself permission to go take a break - check email, watch a Jon Stewart show, read a book for 30 minutes. Something short, and then re-evaluate what I feel like doing. Maybe another small thing, maybe nothing. Maybe even... GASP... going to the grocery store (and I HATE going to the grocery store).

    And then there are some days when all I get done is the absolute bare minimum (feed critters, go to work, feed critters, go to bed), and that's OK too. Winter funk sucks.

  6. Me too!! So over winter!! Equine therapy is the best though. :D Oh and your dogs are adorable!

  7. Stuck inside - I try and feel fortunate every day that I have an indoor to ride in...but hate starts taking over!

  8. Blegh, it's been cloudy and either raining, drizzling, sleeting or snowing all this week, plus 5-10 degrees below normal. I am right there with you.


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