Thursday, May 23, 2013

On the Ground

We're taking things slow, but that's just an opportunity to spend some time developing my eyes from the ground. When I'm back in the tack, I hope to be more prepared and ready than when we started this little break.

Last night, Cuna and I set fences for another boarder and her horse. It was pretty fun. Not only is her horse a giant barbie (17h palomino, say what?), but he's super cute and honest and she is an excellent rider.

I got to practice walking distances, evaluating each performance, and reviewing verbally with our friend.

Cuna got to practice making bored and/or cranky faces while making snide comments about the relative usefulness of barbie horses.

What can I say? When you're 18, you can be grumpy too.

Not impressed by teeny jumps.
He is looking magnificent. His coat is it's rich summer red and his neck is amazing. We're still fighting with random hair loss/stocking up in the early summer warm, but I sort of think that's just a red tb thing. We'll survive.

As much as I want to be back in the saddle, I am enjoying this perspective. I don't get to watch a lot as a general rule and people are very receptive to having eyes/hands on the ground when jumping.

Who else is having fun out of the saddle?


  1. ME!!!!!! One because my brand new horse went lame AND got a wicked case of hives, but also because I am crazy busy. But, because I spent my life working to ride, every time I'm at the barn to play with (see: annoy) my red pony I try to help out the other riders there. I helped move all the jumps so the arena could be dragged last weekend and then helped set an impressive group of grids, corners, skinnies and in and outs! Nothing will make you want to ride more than a freshly dragged arena and new exercises! The woman who owns the property is an advanced eventer so I feel so fortunate to help her set jumps/grids and understand her thinking behind various exercises. Even more fun is getting to watch her teach over the obstacles we just set.

    ps. Riley is finally sound on pavement again, so maybe I'll actually get to sit on him this weekend!

  2. I'm right there with you. As I'll write about later today, Lex got kicked in the field and that's been what's going on with her weird behavior. I'm going to give her more than enough time off while I play with her on the ground (mostly smooches and hand-grazing at the moment) and look for somewhere else to board, because I'm at my wits' end with my current facility. This morning we hand-grazed and I googled "boarding facilities gainesville" and that turned up some interesting results.

    Sounds like you've got a good, educational plan for his downtime!

  3. Cuna looks fabulous! And, as always, his facial expressions are priceless.

  4. I haven't been able to ride (Time, my enemy!) in a month or more, but I've been teaching lessons on my horses and I am thoroughly enjoying teaching again! It's so rewarding to see someone who has never sat on a horse confidently walk around the field and stop and turn after only her 3rd time being on a horse. (I must also say I'm proud of the horse as she can be a hothead for experienced riders)

  5. We all get grounded from time to time. It is a good time to bond with the red grumps. This too shall pass, dear.

  6. I've been doing a ton of in-hand work with Echo, and wow what a difference it has made! I know that Cuna doesn't need it, but I've been finding Echo much more responsive to leg aids and much more attentive when I handle him.

    Sending Cunafish lots of good vibes for getting well soon!

  7. I'm always having a party on the ground. After months of groundwork, I think I like the idea of adding a groundwork session in once a week. Good for bonding, good for learning AND its less stressful on my back. Maybe one day, if we practice enough, we can make awesome Cuna expressions.

  8. Ha! I WAS having fun out of the saddle (driving) and recently got back in it, riding my WB mare and getting her going. Yes, riders Always appreciate a second set of eyes from the ground. Sometimes you can learn what to do when you are riding by watching others too. It's almost like auditing a clinic.

  9. I had fun on the ground for most of four years (because I got him at five months old), so I'm taking advantage of being able to ride now. :D

    Cuna looks gorgeous! I hope you're back to riding soon because that means he will be all better. :)


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