Saturday, May 4, 2013

Show Prep

Training level, here we come
It's been (another) whirlwind week, but I am busily memorizing my dressage tests for tomorrow. We entered a dressage schooling show kind of last minute, so we're doing Training 2 and 3.

I picked up actual breeches, a show shirt, and a hair net at the tack store with my consignment money. I am choosing which glorious sparkle browband to put Cuna in and making sure all my hoity-toitiest gear is sparkling and clean.

I have to admit--I'm more interested in checking out opening dates for our upcoming jumping stuff than I am in memorizing tests. That said, Cuna is going to be braided. I'll have to see if anyone will take his picture for me. How cute will that be? :)


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