Friday, May 17, 2013

Never Take for Granted...

Not without precedent
I thought we'd pinned down Cuna's on/off-ness, but on Wednesday he was not doing well.

I came out Thusday after work. It was hot enough that changing into stretchy pants didn't sound like  fun, but cool enough that I did want to check and see how he was feeling. I pulled his wraps off, threw a bridle on, grabbed my helmet and hopped on bareback.

Or at least, I tried to.

My leg was halfway over his back when the turnout horse galloped STRAIGHT AT US and the wind picked up. Cuna took off leaping and bucking through the barn area. I stayed semi-on for about three jumps and was unceremoniously deposited in gravel right in front of some guys doing work on the barn. Cuna made a few more leaps, then stopped to eat grass.

Guess I sort of deserved that.

I walked up to Cuna and caught him after convincing him that I hadn't, in fact, fallen from the sky and it was ok to let me close. Of course everyone in the immediate barn area had seen him rocketing around and they all came running because it was sooooo not a Cuna thing to do.

I was deemed "too unwell to jog" so my trainer jogged Cuna out. He looked oddles better than Wednesday (ya think?), but still not sound. She handed him back to me as I spit dirt and sand out.

"He's old and smart enough that he didn't learn anything from this, right?" I asked.

"Yep," said my trainer.

"Good. I still don't want to change and put tack on."

The rascally rapscallion!
We made a plan to move forward with and I fed Cuna cookies.

Yes folks, I just got bucked off my lame geriatric horse.


  1. Sounds like extenuating circumstances to me, and we all know those don't count. ;)

    Glad to hear that Cuna is feeling better, but I sure hope he can keep his better-ness under control when you're on his back!

  2. Ha! They love making fools of us don't they?

  3. That's Thoroughbreds for you. But Love them for that right.

  4. He just wants to make sure you know that he still has it in him! :)

  5. Haha! That's awesome...well, except for the falling off part. Glad you are both ok and that Cuna is feeling a bit better.

  6. Oooo gurl. I'm glad you're okay, and that he's feeling better. I hope he'll behave himself and that y'all get your mojo back ASAP.

  7. Happens to the best of on the best of them. Glad team Cuba fish are all safe and soundisher.

  8. It happens to the best of us. Welcome to the Club!

    Been there a few too many times to admit. Just when ya think... yeah. Glad you are ok

  9. He's like "don't count me out yet, I'm spunky pants!"

  10. Once again proves the difference between horses and bicycles. *G*

    Hope you are not too sore and sending the same good vibes to Cuna. You will both probably be sound together soon.

  11. Hey that almost happened to me on my old horse. I stayed on though, but pulled a muscle in my leg

  12. Not sure it will make you feel better but I've been bucked off a mini. Feel better! :) Maybe it was Cuna's way of saying "I'm just fine! Not too old to do THIS!!"

  13. Sheesh they are ALWAYS keeping us on our toes!!!

    Hope you aren't too sore and that he feels better soon!

  14. He just wanted you to have a fun story to share! Glad you are okay.

  15. No no no no. You didn't get bucked off because you were never actually ON! LOL! I'm glad you're both okay. :)


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