Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ho Boy Video Time!

Here's a thing about me: I hate watching videos on the internet. Seriously. I just do. I mean if it's ten seconds long of a horse jumping, count me in. Other than that, no, I do not want to watch a blurry possibly-horse-shaped blog trot around in the distance.

But my whole world gets turned on it's head when it's a video of the cutest little blaze faced bay horse I know. First off, here's him jumping through the grid with Redheadlins the other day. You can say it. He's the cutest thing. (She will tell you something about galloping all morning not being good for rider form. I tell her that everyone's looking at my little man anyways. She could be a monkey and no one would notice.)

(That said, a monkey probably wouldn't steer well so scratch the previous parenthetical.)

Yup. The best at baby grids.

Then the next day was my turn!

It's obviously not polished and fancy yet, but I sure love watching my little man go around. It's so funny, because what I feel underneath me is not at all what I see in the video. (Redheadlins kindly omitted our bad steering/runout thing in the gymnastic, which is why I'm a bit handsy there.) I am excited to get back in the saddle and give it another go round. :-D

New goals: canter forward, quieter hands, give a little release, jump actual fences.

Can't wait!


  1. First off, I love how you always look for the positives and compliment your guy... whereas I am always WAY TOO HARD on my guy and typically focus on the negatives. Your love for him always puts a smile on my face and reminds me that I'm way too hard on Wiz and I need to focus more on the positive. Every fence does not need to be picture perfect at this stage of the game! He does not need to be on the bit perfectly in an up-hill balance every step. He is a baby after all, and it does take time. Anyway, thank you for that constant reminder. :)

    Second, Courage is certainly enjoying himself! Hee hee. I love when babies jump teeny things and then think they are ALL THAT. I remember when Wiz jumped his first oxer (um, it was like a 2' baby baby oxer) and OMG HE WAS A MIGHTY ROLEX PONY after! I'm like, no, you're not all that hot stuff yet... but they sure think it ;) Very cute watching Courage figure it out and enjoy himself!

  2. I'm sort of the same way about videos. After a while my eyes just kind of glaze over LOL!! However having videos of yourself is SUPER helpful and always a good thing to have. Also when the subject is as cute as Courage that helps too hehe. :D I can't wait until you guys get to start showing this spring. You're going to have so much fun!

  3. super cute! I love the first grid with redheadlins- he gets through the white poles, and, oh hey, there's another pole! Love!

  4. Woo! If you add the following code at the end of your video URLs, it will show the video in HD to your users: ?rel=0&vq=hd1080
    Def helps with the blurriness. :)

  5. Courage is the best at blurry videos! I couldn't stop watching!

  6. You guys are just awesome. I love how excited he is to jump - he approaches all calm and business and then explodes with pride. Love it.

  7. Gosh he's got the cutest expression on his face!!


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