Monday, March 17, 2014


He is the best at catching air
I'm working like a fiend lately to hit some financial goals, so I haven't had a ton of time to ride. I really, really want to get Courage going over some fun fences, but I also want to make sure his early experiences are positive and confidence building.

So... I threw redheadlins in the saddle and set up a grid. If we want to DO ALL THE THINGS this summer, Courage needs to learn to deal with multiple poles in a row and some related distances and, oh you know, maybe how to use his body in the air.

But anyways. 

I was SO THRILLED to watch my little man go around. Trot in, canter out, no problem. :D He obviously isn't phased by the height or the jumps or anything. Really and truly, the hardest thing with him is just to let him learn at his own pace. He is wicked smart, so he picks up on concepts really quickly. He just needs frequent breaks to think it over and then allow the concept to become established in his mind.

But that's never enough!

We've been having sunny days and perfect weather and I made Saturday become EPIC PONY DAY (srsly. race track, tack sale, ALL THE RIDING).

After a pretty serious horse-girl-consultation with redheadlins and my BO, Courage got decked out in all the blue and shiny.

Trotting with head down VROOOM
His spring coat is coming in, he's totally figuring out this whole sporthorse thing, and he's just flat adorable.

I was hoping to be even more badass than Redheadlins at the whole jumping thing, but it's been a long time since I was responsible for educating a green horse over fences.

Oh well. Courage was brave and honest and the two of us made some solid progress with good coaching from the ground and pictures! I ended the day very happy with where he was at and what we were able to do together.

 We even cantered our first couple fences of the year! I couldn't be more excited about how my little man is coming along.

And I haven't even started to tell you about our first legit lesson of the year. Stay tuned!!


  1. He looks absa-frig-a-lutely adorable.

  2. Yay C-rage, he is such a smart cookie!

  3. He's obviously unimpressed with the height, haha

  4. Yay for jumping and being awesome! He's such a cute guy!

  5. What a rock star! He is such a good looking horse!

  6. He looks awesome! Yay for jumping and yay OTTBs!

  7. Yay for jumping your first jumps of the year. Same here this past weekend for me too - first jumps of the year!!!

  8. Sounds like you two are making progress in leaps and bounds. Literally. Awesome!

  9. I need to see this flying object in action. Seriously.

  10. That's awesome! You guys look great. Need some video! Yay Spring!

  11. You guys are making strides! Looking fab!
    I cannot wait to read about your lesson :-D

  12. Whoo hoo..sounds like the perfect day!


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