Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Three Things That are Awesome

Music choices ftw
1) I have a new car. HELLOOOOOO 2014! I'm super psyched about the warranty and the air conditioning and the space and the gas mileage, but yeah, built in Bluetooth ftw. How cool is that?

I'm less enthused about car payments, but I think that will actually balance out the sheer amount of money that the old one was costing me in repairs.

Note: original image. Good thing I'm wearing pants.
2) Remember how I said Jess is awesome? Well here's even more proof. Not only do I now have a fancy bridle and martingale, but she got me Jimmy Wofford's fancy new gymnastics book that I have been wanting SO.BAD.


Because yeah, she's badass.

So excited to start going through this and using the exercises. Maybe it will have to live in my fancy new car?

Fancy with sparkles
3) No time to ride Tuesday due to work/life commitments, so Redheadlins took a turn on C-rage and made him look like this.

Bar is officially raised.

So here's to awesome friends! Anyone want to ride around in my car? It's super exciting for like the next two days before it gets dirty!


  1. So much new! So spiffy!

    I bought a new car a couple of years ago. It was the best thing, until mud season. ;) Enjoy!!

  2. Hooray for new cars!

  3. Woot! Woot!! Congrats!! So exciting :D

  4. SO MUCH TO BE EXCITED FOR! And, there is a fourth. Sunday. Oh, and what the hell does that say in your book?

    1. Ha, that's Jim for you. It says, "With best wishes, good luck with your riding!"

  5. sounds great!! the car looks really nice- I love my scion xd (got brand new 5 years ago but still keep thinking it's new for some reason even though we're about to hit 100k haha) but my brother got a kia two years ago with built in blue tooth- SO COOL. Now I'm jealous, especially after my ipod broke and all of my music is now on my phone and the phone connector is clunky and dangerous to change (use to I could control my ipod on my steering wheel).

    OK that was a long ramble about a car, and I'm sorry about the payments but I'll tell you you'll probably LOVE the new gas mileage. I gas up once a week (maybe every 5 days if I'm driving a lot) and it only costs me 25-30$ a tank. WOO. And 5,000 miles between oil changes? I love technology.

  6. All the good things in life!! Yay!!

  7. Congrats on the new car! I always prefer to have the set amount budgeted than to be surprised by a huge repair.

  8. Those are three very awesome things!!

  9. So glad you are experiencing SO MUCH AWESOME!

  10. New car, new book, fabulous pony. Life is good =)

  11. Um, forget the car, i am beyond jealous of your autographed book!

  12. Friends and running cars are def awesome!

  13. I'm so glad you like the book. YOU YOURSELF are awesome, let's not forget that!

  14. Ahhh- awesome! Doesn't it feel good to have a car that can reliably get your from point A to B?

  15. Jealous on all points!

    If you keep the book in the car keep it out of the sunlight so the cover doesn't fade.

  16. I don't suppose anyone else got David Hasselhof's Jump In My Car song stuck in their head at the end of that post?
    Just me being uber weird again then ;-)

    Yay on the three awesome things - thise are super fab things to happen

  17. I too have a much better rider friend who rides my greenie from time to time. It's equal parts "Sweet, free training! Damn my pony looks hawt!" and "shit, now I have to try harder"...

  18. Yay!!! Congrats on the car and the book! So awesome!


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