Friday, May 9, 2014

Wherein Courage Gets a Bridle and I Take Selfies

Then we just take selfies
Between bad weather (wind is my kryptonite) and life (I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE, LIFE), riding has not really happened a lot this week.

I spend all day wishing I was in the saddle and then I get to the barn and have no motivation.

Don't you wish we were friends?


And a sweet book, but I'll tell you about that later
Anyways. In much happier news, Jess over at Riding Rainbow (GO READ IT NOW SHE IS TEH SHIZ) (and actually is my friend) sent me a super amazing box. I've been wanting one of her bridles for like six months, but every time I tried to buy it, my stupid car exploded. This time we worked out a trade and I got my car crushed flat in advance, just in case (take that, biatch! I dare you to cost me more money!).

So bridle. Is pretty.

Not sure if "sexyface" or "playing coy"
The wind finally isn't crazy death proportion, so after toodling around, I adjusted the bridle and hopped on. Courage and I just worked on going forward in a rhythm regardless of how ineffective our steering was or where his head went. That said, when I finally get him FORWARD, it does drop a bit. Yay progress!

Of course, I stuck him in his Dr Bristol dee because it's cute and hunter-y.

How rockstars bridle model
We ended the ride by hopping over a fun jumping exercise I set up with some bending lines. There is certainly stuff for me to work on, but I couldn't be more pleased with how my little man responded--he hadn't seen a jump in a couple of weeks and he was honest and forward. Perfect. Now maybe I'll try give him a good ride to the jumps so he isn't so underpowered.

AND there is video.

And when I got off, I had to take more pictures of the pretty bridle, if only to show off how freaking cool the reins are. They're laced, which usually isn't my thing.

That said, I absolutely LOVE the color pattern and can't wait to see how they break in. I literally took the tags off the bridle before I put it on him this morning.

In case you're wondering, it's an M. Toulouse Premia with the comfort crown, lots of padding, and fancy stitching.

I will do a write up on it once I've played with it for a while.

Plus next time I update, I will (hopefully) have had a legit jumping lesson and (cross your fingers) actually purchased a car that is neither a death trap nor a pancake.

PS I know this is scattered. It's all I've got right now, sorry.


  1. C-Rage looks great, per usual.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you love it. This post made me laugh out loud and I'm in the office with all the little panicking undergrads outside, so they all think I'm nuts. PS: You and C-rage inspire me to make Lex start jumping so we don't end up doing walk-trot forever.

  3. He is, in fact, a rock star! And is Sexy-Face and Coy really mutually exclusive? ;)

  4. Love the pattern on the laced reins! Also his adorable exuberance jumping =]

  5. You sure love your bridles :)

  6. Cute bridle on him. He looks good. I like bending lines, they make you work on steering, and test their willingness to jump even when they're still not sure where you are taking them.

  7. I dare say Courage looks dashing in that! What's the bridle count up to now? ;)

  8. OMG how did I not know your friend at Riding Rainbow has a Friesian cross too????? Thanks for telling me about her blog. I'm glad I read her profile. I'm now following hehe. :D

    Good luck with the car! I like the new bridle. I love his rockstar modeling picture hehe.

  9. Beautiful bridle. As someone with a Toulouse saddle, I'm interested to hear how the bridle holds up.


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