Monday, June 16, 2014

Wherein Courage Gets His Mojo Back

Going forward
We put in a couple more solid flat rides over the weekend. I don't want to jinx it, but I think I finally have my horse back.

Nothing like consistency.

Straight line from elbow to bit. It can happen.
I haven't readdressed jumping yet. I'm waiting until my farrier can come out and do his feet again. It's just as well. I want to get him even more rideable than he was. I mean, we were staring a training issue in the face and it manifested as a confidence issue. Sigh. Need to get that taken care of.

Like a boss
Still. Two good rides now where I was able to feel like we were advancing in our training and working through issues without any of that weird anxiety he'd been showing me.

In fact, we ended one ride by trotting through some poles.

He acted like it had never been a big deal.

In fact, he seemed kind of proud of himself. It's like he remembered that he was THE BEST AT TROT POLES.

Say with me: hot damn. Sexy Courage.
I've spent so much time on this blog talking about rider confidence and my issues and how to work through them. It is a fascinating psychological exercise to try and do this backwards. I'm used to talking other riders through the process (and myself, fairly regularly), but to try and explain it to my little man was enlightening.

We're learning to trust each other.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's not like we're both magically healed, but I think we understand each other a little bit more.

And that is how we get our mojo back.


  1. Wahoo! Congrats to you both!
    I still think Courage is the best at all the things :)

  2. Congratulations on re-acquiring your mojo. ;)

  3. You look lovely together... :) Keep it up! Slow and surely confidence comes back...

  4. Yay! I can't help but think it's confidence blips like this that really help a horse and rider develop depth in their relationship. You guys are really growing into a partnership. :)

  5. Love the photos as always. He looks so amazing, as do you! I love watching the partnerships form. :)

  6. He looks so forward and fancy!

  7. Great newses, he sure is a handsome devil!

  8. Awesome sauce. Such a cute last picture

  9. You are on the right track and I have to always remember training a horse is not a linear process. We just keep finding more bumps and working out them out by switching, learning and sharpening our methods. If it makes you feel any better I never even cantered Steady for an entire year. Let me rephrase I pushed him he fizzeled and I decided to trot and walk for a year. Then started slooowly and at about year two were finally doing green as grass and starter level. I sometimes think I was spared the pressure to move things along faster than either of us were ready because I ride at home alone and that quietness does wonders for being able to listen to myself and Steady. I guess I say all that because I feel this defensiveness in your posts that you have to defend or justify that you are not moving faster, jumping higher or doing more with C-rage than you are. Girl you are awesome! Your horse is awesome and you will do right by him and that is all that really matters. Go your pace and when in doubt go slower. And stick with trainers(sounds like the last clinician was great) understand that allowing things down and going back to baby a steps does wonders for these highly intelligent athletic horses. Oh and guess what when I finally did start canter I g and jumping two years in I went to a clinic and had a reality check that I needed to slow down even more and take many more baby steps. Like more walking and more trotting. Frustrating at times? Yes but best advice ever for me and my horse.

  10. Developing that trust is an awesome feeling! I feel like I'm slowly getting there with Ellie and there's nothing better! Keep up the good work!

  11. Catching up on comments. When I read this a week ago, it made me smile, and it made me smile again this morning. Your partnership and understanding of each other will be so much better for having gone through this.


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