Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So Badass

Oh yes we are the best at this
I keep meaning to write some better posts (really I do). Work is insane right now and I haven't really seen a computer, but here's a couple of shots from our adventures today!

Also he stood tied at a trailer and was a star
Trail ride with our kickass endurance friend! Courage and I did our first trot and canter/gallop in the hills and it was way too fun. Kind of trippy riding an uphill horse up a hill, but I'm excited to get used to this new normal.

Oh and if you like sparkles, check the summer sale Dark Jewel Designs is having on their super fancy bowbands!! 15% off with the code FIREWORKS14!!! 

Um yeah I might need more sparkles.


  1. One can never have enough sparkles :) Yay for you and Courage!!

  2. Looks like a great adventure! Telling myself that I do not need a sparkly browband...

  3. That sky is beautiful!! WTG Courage!

  4. Great pictures! I'm so jealous of your wide open spaces and beautiful scenery. If I lived there, I'd probably turn into an endurance rider. Who could possibly do arena work in such a beautiful landscape?

  5. Looks like a ton of fun! I'm starting to think Endurance is going to be the way to go one day. Hell, I'll get a mule and truck it to Walmart if I have to. Save $$ on gas hahaha. Awesome browbands!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a fun place to have an adventure!

  7. My checkbook is NOT going to like you for providing the link....

    My mare might, but the checkbook, not so much.

    The pictures look great and it sounds like you had fun. WIN!

  8. So much fun!

    I may need more sparkles too!

  9. Wow, you have some really cool scenery for your trail rides!


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