Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Not Have a Lesson on Your Greenie

I'm supposed to be getting ready for my first lesson since June right now. Literally. I should be just finishing tacking up and then climbing on to warm up.

But I'm not.


It stated with this:
Or maybe he wants a long nose fly mask to match Prisoner
I'm not really sure what he's got going on here.It looks a bit like sunburn, but that's a really random place to sunburn after going two full summers at the same facility on the same feed and never sunburning at all before.

Also he has created a fun new game that my BO just LOOOOOOOVES in which he tries to take all the T post caps off in his field.

Really. It's her favorite thing ever.

Anyways. Perhaps he just scraped himself playing the T post game.

At least it's not painful?
So I can sort of explain that, but then there was this:

What is that? I have no idea. It looks like a peeling sunburn, but again, it's on a horse that has never sunburned and who peels the black skin on the side of their face? It made no sense.

Annnnnd then a friend asked if I'd used any new products on him....

Guess who is somewhat reactive to his new fly spray?


Still. Neither of those conditions seemed to cause undue pain or distress and I really, really want a lesson. I lead Courage out of his stall for turnout...

And he can hardly put weight on his right front foot.

I immediately grab a hoof pick and find this:

Yes, he got new shoes on Monday. No, it wasn't loose enough to come off. And yes, his shoe is just sitting on his sole. I'm touchy about sole pressure.

In a crazy stoke of luck, two journeymen farriers and their intern showed up like ten minutes later and got the shoe reset correctly, but a certain little bay horse must have done a very impressive spin move in his stall over night and he was pretty sore from standing on his sole since then.

And that's the story of why I'm not having a lesson today. Cross your fingers for Saturday. I have bell-booted, hoof-painted, and un-fly-sprayed the little man.

What will he come up with next?

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  1. Sheesh, horses. Never a dull moment! :)

  2. My horse has reactions to every fly spray that's ever been made. I know that feel!! I hope you get your lesson soon!

  3. I used to be able to use any fly spray on Mollie and roughly 5 years ago she decided she was allergic to ALL THE FLY SPRAYS. Except one. They're so good at freak accidents at the worst times.

  4. my guys get flaky muzzke sometimes too...I think its the change in the weather? Horses

  5. My horse will sometimes get flaky skin from sweating like a beast in the summer months. I think he might be allergic to himself. With his track record, this would not surprise me.

    I am also rocking the lame horse today. Lame horse buddies. Yay? Ugh.

  6. I have one horse who is allergic to hay, dust, and anything that has six legs and wings. As for my TB, he is a freak accident magnet. And his poor little pink nose and legs go all disgusting and scabby when it rains. Oh, and he gets allergic rashes in his armpits from sweating.
    Horses sure keep life interesting.

  7. That really sucks! I hate when they go through those stages of having weird shit happen. Hoping you can make your lesson?

  8. that's super lame... why do these things always have to happen at the worst times? hope everything comes together in time for the next lesson!

  9. My horse gets the flaky muzzle thing, too. No idea what causes it, but I started using Cetaphil face cloths on his muzzle & a little moisturizer (unscented, sensitive skin kind) and the flakiness went away.

    I hope you get to have a lesson soon! Wonky shoes are no fun.

  10. Wow. Going for the full trifecta of issues there little dude. Hopefully he'll be feeling so much better by Saturday!

  11. That was a pretty thorough avoidance on his part!

  12. I was looking at the pictures of his face and I thinking "huh, that's weird, but it shouldn't cause her to miss her lesson" and then I got to the picture of his foot and thought "oh, now THAT will be an issue!!"

  13. I'm starting a campaign to take up cat showing instead. Let me know if you are interested.

    1. United States Cat Dressage Federation ;]

  14. It's like they know... B twisted his shoe and in doing that and punctured his hoof (not any important place) once... 2 days after he showed up to Cherry Croft for some boot camp... Damn ponies.


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