Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Perfect Sit of Sweden Bridle Review

the pretties

So go check out her blog and assign lots of blame.

Anyways. I own a lot of bridles (no shame) and I was sort of running out of things that interested me. Figure 8? own it. Plain cavesson? Have two. Micklem? Got it. Crank? Yes. Normal crown? Yes. Monocrown? Yes. Laced reins? Rubber reins? Soft grip reins? Web reins? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

So what's a tack ho to do when she has the shopping itch and all the bridles?

Courage needed it too
Why, shop overseas of course!

Amanda (the bitch) turned me on to Perfect Sit of Sweden with all her obsessing over the High Jump Revolution bridle, which I grant you is interesting and different at the very least. It didn't call my name, though. It was like the European version of a micklem, which is ok, but not like MUST BUY NOW sort of thing. You know, since I've owned two micklems and all.

But I got browsing around the site and ran across another model called the Flat Out Revolution.

Cavesson with flash detail
I can't explain what happened next. It just called my name and I needed it. I sold two bridles in record time and snapped it up.

Here are the things that I absolutely love about it:

Pretty details

so soft and wide
Padded crown (with mystery buckle? still figuring that one out)

love this feature
Snap-on browband that can be changed while the horse is bridled. Also if you forgot your fly bonnet. Not that I would ever do that.


Nifty martingale stops. I'm forever losing these or having them on the wrong set of reins. Love this set and the unusual design.

And that's not even including things like the easy-to-hold narrow rubber reins and the so-convenient snap ends on the cheeks and reins.

Or the total lack of the throatlatch, which I think is brilliant. Here's the thing with throatlatches: they're supposed to hold the bridle on when foxhunting through heavy brush or (maybe) if the rider comes off over the head.

still on the fence about the swoopy brownband
They don't. Even if we aren't talking about the resent spat of bridle-fails (srlsy all the time now), the mechanics of the throatlatch are such that if it's done up to prevent it from coming off, you are actively throttling your horse. Maybe it's different when you're galloping through woods with an open throatlatch, but if you want your horse's head down (ever), the throatlatch is not helping you.

Rant over.

Anyways. The bridle shipped to me this week and came with cool extras like a bridle bag, conditioner, and Swedish horse cookies, which Courage LOOOOVED.

now we just have to go to a show
I've ridden in it twice. I love how it fits Courage's face. I'm actually quite happy with the leather. I think it will soften up to Nunn Finer-esque levels when broken in. The clips are as-advertised. I emailed USDF and ascertained that it is legal for any dressage competition that allows snaffles and it's of course legal in the jumping phases of eventing or for show jumpers, though it would obviously be non-traditional for hunters.

Prisoner being adorable
The sizing is pretty standard. It fits Courage well--it came adjusted on the middle holes. I think I put the bit up one and the cavesson down one. For reference, Courage has a bit of a long, narrow head that is very, very cob sized and I bought the cob size model.

We also tried it on Prisoner. He's even more petite than Courage, so we shortened it up a little more. I'd say it's true to size.

It's fun. It's different. It wasn't even that expensive, coming in around $170 including shipping. I tend to be a buy and sell type of girl, given my tack ho tendencies, but I honestly think this on is going to be a keeper. I mean, OMG, if I don't use the flash, I literally only have to do one buckle to put my bridle on. How is that not awesome?

Noted: this is a first impressions post. I will do a more thorough write up in a few months when I've gotten to spend a lot more time with this particular piece.

Also noted: I have tried to answer any questions I've already gotten about it. I'm happy to answer more. I really quite love this bridle.


  1. My grubby hands need a PS bridle... Though I do have another bridle in the works right now. I am waiting for Amanda to receive the High Jump bc I love the way it looks. Not sure if hues gigantic head would fit in their bridles though... Mutton...

  2. What a beautiful bridle! I am seriously considering putting one on my wish list. I am fascinated by the USDF's response to your email though, because the whole thing with the Micklem being illegal with the clips are that the bit has to be fastened to the bridle by leather, not metal or plastic. Because damn, with all the bit switching I have to do, I would be using those plastic clips if I could.

  3. Jen--my understanding is that Micklem clips materially change how the bit stays in the mouth--they provide extra stability that a different bridle wouldn't have. They don't just connect the bit to the bridle. I had clips for my first micklem and they were a PITA--they really didn't fit at all on my mare.

    These clips are just metal bit attachments. The bit hangs the same as it would with any other attachment.

    They are SWEET for bit changing though. Easiest thing ever.

  4. I am excited to hear how you like this bridle over time, I like the high jump version.

  5. I love the drooped brow band. I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts on how Courage goes in it versus some of the others you've tried as I've been looking at their bridles for a while now.

  6. Browband with snaps = genius. Especially considering the excellent collection of PS browbands. But I would never buy a bridle just for the browband. Ever. I keep telling myself. I feel a fail coming on ...

  7. I have to admit, it does look smashing on Courage!

  8. I am a padded noseband girl all the way, BUT, it looks lovely on Courage and the quality is there, so it's definitely a win!

  9. Looks really good on him! Love the cavesson especially on his face. =)

  10. Gah, I am such a traditional girl that I don't quite know what to think of all the new styles and options for bridles... but I will say that looks SMASHING on Courage! Just lovely!

    And for the record, I've had a (properly adjusted) throatlatch keep a bridle on. Twice. In an arena. That may not negate all the folks from whom they have NOT worked, lol, but there's at least one positive data point for you!

  11. LOVE it!! I may have to put one on my wish list!

  12. interesting look - i kinda like it! i'd be pretty hesitant to ride without a throatlatch tho... even if it is just my own paranoia lol

  13. Ooh, I love. I like the swoopy browband and I'm happy to see that other people are as bridle obsessed as me.

  14. I really want one of their bridles, but they are so expensive!

  15. I've had a horse shake a western bridle off while calmly loping in an arena so I definitely like to have a throatlatch. The sneaky animal never once shook off an English bridle.

    Other than that I like the look but I don't know if I would love it enough to pay almost $200 for one.

  16. I don't know anything about bridles, but it's pretty! Courage looks like he likes it. ;) I'm mainly here to say that I love Prisoner's tiny chocolate face! Does his person have a blog?

    1. She absolutely does! Follow Prisoner's day to day at:

  17. I might be in the minority but I think all of their bridles are hideous haha :) But Courage can make anything look good!

  18. Yay for new things, wish in you well wear with it!
    Hopefully your first impressions are compounded and it continues to be an awesome buy.

    PS: C & P are the BEST models ♡

  19. Its growing on me. The dropped noseband looks cute with the fly bonnet.

  20. Oh goodness. I've been trying not to buy a PS bridle. This is not helping...

  21. I know this is a old post, but I'm catching up after time away from the blogging scene. I have to agree with you about throatlatches, I do not like them!!

  22. Hello super old blog post. This is a random question that will probably be annoying to answer but.... Do you happen to have the email from USDF saying it was fine to show in? (I know, ridiculous question) I am unexpectedly showing next weekend and this is my go to bridle that I want to show in because sparkles. Just had a freak out because I realized I don't actually know if it's legal! I could easily email them myself but remembered this post and figured I would ask. If you have it could you shoot me an email? Alicia_torres5990 at yahoo.

    1. I don't have the specific email anymore. You do have to have the throatlatch attachment, but if you do, you're good to go.


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