Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Product Review: Noble Outfitters Ready to Ride Glove (and bonus!!)

The kind folks at Noble Outfitters contacted me a while back to do a review of their Ready to Ride gloves. I'm always in need of gloves, so I was all in. Then the package showed up at my house... not only did they send me beautiful brown riding gloves, but they tossed in a pair of Suregrip Gloves AND a pair of Xtreme Soft Boot socks. Woohoo! I love new things and I REALLY love surprises, so it was definitely a good day.

Brown gloves. So perfect.
First things first: The Ready to Ride gloves. I wanted these in brown because I have a thing with brown. My last set of brown gloves were the heritage brand gloves. They held up pretty well, but they always kind of stunk and we a little stiff. The Noble Outfitters gloves COMPLETELY outclassed my old set and I'm not even just saying that because they were provided to me free of charge for a review.

Plus my horse looks great
Here's what I really love about these gloves: THE VENTS. The back of the knuckles and along the backs of the fingers are stretchy fabric instead of the leather-look material. Not only is this a little bit cooler, but it allows the glove to be very fitted and still move with my hand. Bloody brilliant, I tell you.

If I was being waaaaay over the top ocd picky, the velcro doesn't meet up over the back of my hand absolutely perfectly, but hey. We're talking about an afford glove that's pretty enough to show in. I'll take it. I'll be buying another pair when I wear these ones out. I mean, I've had them for about two months and they still look new. I will definitely buy these again.

Even arty shots of hands
Next up: Suregrip Gloves. These gloves are in way too fun of a pattern to pass up! I kind of love just looking at them. I was even admiring them at a horse show the weekend before my own pair arrived. Because I wanted to do a thorough testing of both sets of gloves and produce a review in a timely fashion, I stuck these ones on Redheadlins to try out for me. She rides multiple horses a day and isn't afraid to take up contact, which is to say, she used the SHIT out of these gloves.

And guess what? They are still eye catching! She says they grip all different rein types really well. They're fun to put on and wear and they're light weight and not too hot in the summer. They fit well and look good. They are starting to show a little wear, but she uses them pretty hard.

Releasing like a champ
And who doesn't love a good pair of socks? The Xtreme Boot Socks were a fun surprise for me. I'm always squirreling away socks, but I'm really picky about how they fit. Specifically, I HATE HATE HATE socks that slide down, bunch up, or move around. These socks are AWESOME.

They're about $12/pair. They justify that price by having enough structure to stay exactly where you put them while still being lightweight and vented enough that I don't feel like my legs have been embalmed when I take them off. You know what I mean.

All in all, I was really impressed with the gear from Noble Outfitters. Everything is solid and as-advertised at a reasonable price point. It's a bit like a gateway drug--now that I've tried the gloves and socks, I'm poking around their website to see what else I need.


  1. Nice review! I just bought my first pair of Noble Outfitters anything last weekend at the KHP, the perfect boot socks I think they're called? The ones with almost sheer tops and sock bottoms. I wore them for SJ and really liked them, even if I did pay $15 for socks.

  2. Noble Outfitters makes the BEST SOCKS EVAH. I wish they were a little less expensive, otherwise I'd replace all my socks with them! And those brown gloves look really nice! Great review.

  3. Great review! Free, good-quality stuff is always a plus.
    As far as poking around their website, I'm sure you'll need everything on there :)

  4. And they wash up phenomenally in the washing machine!

  5. nice! i also have a penchant for brown gloves.. good food for thought lol

  6. I love their products. Think they are high quality and very affordable!

  7. Awesome find! I love stuff that can hold up to the daily beating horse equipment often takes. I don't mind spending the money when I know I'm getting quality and the stuff lasts. Now I think I need to go look at their website and see what I need too...

  8. Thanks for the review! I've never tried Noble products before.

  9. I really liked my gloves from NO, but admit that they wore a bit down the road!

  10. I got my first pair of Noble Outfitters riding/work gloves this summer and LOVE them. I'm anxious to try more of their stuff (especially since mine are starting to wear out a bit). It's good to hear you vouch for a few of their other products :)

  11. After my first pair of Noble socks I won't wear anything else! I bought some and got a free pair at Congress this weekend! I did try on the gloves too but I wasn't all that impressed initially, but I didn't ride in them. Maybe I will try them later but until them I am remaining loyal to my Tredstep gloves!


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