Monday, November 24, 2014

All Moved In

housework is better with a bonus dog
Despite my well-intentioned panic on Friday, the weather man was wrong (as per the usual, huzzah for being back to that!) and the weekend was downright liveable.

Or at least, it would have been if we didn't start it with 8 inches of snow. And ice.

But three days of almost 50f temps later, the roads are safe!

I ditched the housework and with the help of my wonderful BOs (miss them already, not even kidding), Courage got all moved in to the new barn on Sunday afternoon.

freaking enormous stall
I'm petty excited about the facility. There are maintained grass turnouts (didn't take a pic), a large outdoor arena (also no pic), a nice shedrow with a covered aisle (sensing a theme?), two horse barns (see pic!), and get this: AN INDOOR ARENA.

Courage lives in this huge stall. I should measure it. It's like... 15x15? Maybe 20? I don't even know. Massively huge. The attached run is pretty tiny, but it's enough to let him out in the sunshine on nice days.

He does have a very rambunctious neighbor who already tore a cooler of mine (bastard!), but there is now hot tape around the top of the fencing, so hopefully that's contained.

very impressed
After making sure he understood the stall essentials, I took him off for his first-ever indoor arena experience.

As you can see, he was wild.

We did a little groundwork. Somehow I have misplaced my fancy custom lunge line and since I don't know anyone, I didn't want to start out by borrowing, so nothing too exciting.

Not gonna lie, I really wanted to hop on and ride. I guess there is a limit to how many real life responsibilities I can blow off on any given day though.

this is me going minimalist
I put Courage back in his stall and got my stuff organized in the tack room. I'm trying the whole "less stuff" thing to see if that works for me. Plus I don't want to be the jerk that moves my fancy horse in with all my toys and then stages a hostile takeover in the tackroom. You know that person. Everyone hates them.

I tried to fit all my stuff (not including winter blankets currently in use) in one trunk, one saddle rack, and a couple of hooks. As you can see, I've already sprawled onto a second saddle rack for my cooler and quarter sheet, but I'm telling myself it's seasonal.

plus Courage got a girlfriend
There are a lot of great features at the new place and everyone I've met seems really nice. I'm looking forward to the shorter drive and extra free time to allow me to start running again. Or maybe clean the house. Or something.

I'm a little apprehensive about fitting in to a new barn group and there's a part of me that wants to go running back to our old barn, but I know this is where we need to be right now.

So. Here goes winter 2014. It should be interesting for sure.


  1. SO excited for you! And how awesome that the stalls have attached runs! I wish that was a common feature in our neck of the woods.

  2. That indoor is fantastic!! You are going to love having that this winter. Sounds like everything else about the new barn and the move is going well. I always hate moving to a new barn, it seems like it takes me several months to really feel moved in and comfortable.

    Hoping everything continues to go well and you guys have a good first ride in the indoor!

  3. So exciting!! I'm sure you'll make friends in no time and the indoor will be a life saver.

  4. So exciting, I hope you love everything! Moving is tough but it seems like y'all are settling well!

  5. Hooray! Three cheers for indoor arenas!

  6. Glad the move went well. I started out trying the less is more tactic... but I've steadily taken over more and more space in the tack room :/

  7. Looks perfect!! Can't wait to hear about your first ride :)

  8. Good luck, looks like a nice place!

  9. That new place looks positively dreamy
    and courage is looking extra Smex these days

  10. Really great :) You'll fit right in! It always takes a little time to feel part of the community, but it'll happen. I got only one saddle rack at my new barn and felt positively unglued over it, but I make it work. On the flip side I get to have a tack locker for the rest of my stuff (yay!) and can store a blanket bin which is a total lifesaver.

  11. His girlfriend is cute. You will do fine at the new barn. Don't stress about it!

  12. I think you're in the same barn as my mom? Don't be afraid to ask her if you need anything. She'll be nice and from what she says everyone else is too :) Hopefully it wasn't her horse that was the bastard that tore the cooler off, but I could see him doing that...Anyway, I hope that you love it there!

    1. Ha! The second I read that, I had a feeling that it was Reggie. That sounds like one of his shenanigans.

  13. congrats on the new barn!! hope you love it!! ahh indoor arenas - they really are the best lol

  14. Looking forward to your winter adventures! Looks like a very nice facility!!

  15. Sweet digs! Courage looks like he's fitting right in!

  16. an indoor...le drool. Courage looks hot per usual ;)

  17. That indoor looks huge! Congrats on the move! Finding new barn friends is always slightly scary- but fun!

  18. Looks awesome! I'm super jealous of the indoor right now (we're soaked).

  19. Moving is always exciting and nerve wracking.. But I hope the move goes well :)

  20. Sounds like a good move. I'm also about to join a new barn group and a little nervous. We can do it together! I'm sure we'll both be fine ☺


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