Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SB Tack Clearing House

You still can't come in the fort
I'm trying to clear up some clutter and function like a normal adult, so y'all are getting the first peek at the tack I'm reluctantly letting go. Email/facebook me if you're interested. sprinklerbandits at gmail dot com (or first name dot last name at the same email server).

Because it's mine, everything is clean and in good condition. It gets well taken care of and stored in climate controlled, smoke-free areas. I guarantee pet hairs. I can probably even figure out which pet they're from and they're all cute, so yay bonus!!

All prices include shipping. I take paypal and personal checks (as long as I know you more or less).

The 52"s. Teensy puppy not included.
All have double elastic and roller buckles.
1) 48" fleece girth - $25

2) 48" smartpak fleece girth - $25

3) 52" smartpak fleece girth, shows some use - $20

4) Sold.

5) 56" fancy stitched leather circuit girth, barely broken in - $75

As modeled by Courage
6) Sold.

Pictured: Stubben
7) 18" Stubben Sigfried all purpose, medium tree. Quality saddle, well maintained. $325 shipped.

8) 18" Jimmy Wofford XC saddle by Harmon&Scott. Labelled #3 medium fit, but fits like a narrow. Great condition, one owner, lightly used, well maintained. Asking $550.

9) 18" Ainsley XC Saddle, wide tree. Gorgeous saddle, great forward flap for long legged riders. Love it. Billets and tree in excellent condition. $550.

Helpful Beagle not included
Saddle pads.
10) Ecogold triple protection half pad in brown. Retails for $165, lightly used, great condition. $100.

Full seats.
11) 78" irish knit cotton sheet in hunter green with navy trim. Sized as an 84", but used so shrunk to a more normal size. $20

12) Sold

13) Kerrits full seats with super soft fabric and somewhat segmented patches XL. Shows some wear, one tiny hole on a seam that should be easily fixable. $25

14) Kerrits microcord kneepatch tights in grey, L. Good condition, no obvious wear. $30

15) Kerrits microcord kneepatch tights in grey, L. Faded. $25

Bonus: Buy either or both of these and I'll throw in a tan pair with minor damage.

I think that's it for now. I reserve the right to add items as I find them. Feel free to make offers. I have pictures of everything, so email me or comment with your email address if you want a picture of something I left out.


  1. I'm very tempted by the half pad.

  2. Good luck with your sales! I need to gear up my sale, too. Maybe we should make it another tack sale blog hop...

  3. What condition is the elastic on the PF girth? I will probably take that!

  4. ... tell me more about the half pad. Is it big enough to be appropriate with an 18" saddle?

  5. I'm interested in the bridle. I will message you on facebook.

  6. Wanty. So wanty.
    must resist everything

  7. Wishing the girths were black instead :( Stupid me for being different, makes tack buying so much harder lol

  8. Are you selling any bits? I know you have a giant collection... ;]

  9. how did you end up with so many saddles!? ha! and if I had money, I'd be buying that bridle...

  10. I wish you were selling a dressage saddle LOL!! :D Good luck selling everything! Less clutter is always a good thing.

  11. Damn, I just bought that exact half pad retail :(

  12. I mean... I'm dying for that Helpful Beagle... :)

  13. I will not lie.. I want it all, including the dogs! :)


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