Friday, November 21, 2014


Photo not current

Remember when I used to ride my horse?

I sort of do. I remember it being really fun.

that's why you have no friends, records
Anyways. We're sitting at over a week since the record breaking snowfall that shut down all important life activities (riding), and the roads are still dangerously slick.

Why, you might ask?

Well, everyone agrees that after our record breaking snow fall, we also hit record breaking low temps and I suspect, sustained said temps for a record breaking amount of time.

Needless to say, it's been miserable.

The 19f this morning felt positively BALMY compared to what we have been dealing with.

Herein lies the problem: because this isn't "supposed" to be a winter state, the county/city have basically just not plowed the roads.

Their rational is that it will melt eventually, I guess. Or maybe that magical snow fairies will clear it for them? Seems about equally likely around here.

 It's cool how no one in the entire city has to go to work or anything til the weather gods see fit to relent.

No wait. I mean IT SUCKS BALLS to drive in rutted ice constantly and rarely get to go over 20 mph.

my world right now
Oh, and that indoor I was talking about? My BO (she's the best) is all set to haul us there, but you know, not til we can reasonably expect to make the trip without dying.

Even if she was willing, I don't want my horse getting in a totally preventable trailering accident because I couldn't handle a few more days of coldness and misery.

smells like nirvana
The weather forecast (more snow, ho boy!) is making me twitchy. If we don't haul out this weekend (predicted high=38f on Saturday only), the whole world is supposed to freeze up again and I don't know when we'll get out.


When I write again, it might be from the comfort of an on-site indoor arena.

Or maybe I'll be bogged down in EVEN MORE snow and freezing rain.

Such choices. Much dilemma. Very shit.


  1. Aww... Snow really does suck. Especially when the powers that be basically ignore it. Sadness :( Good luck actually making the move! Hope it happens soon

  2. Walking in a Winter Wonderland!!!
    Have fun in the indoor!

  3. The snow pics are lovely... from far, far away where it's currently 65 degrees.

    Maybe just ask your BO to keep driving south till she gets to Austin?

  4. ugh.... that indoor is lovely tho - and once you're there you can just conveniently pretend like these cold awful miserable days never happened :)

  5. Fingers crossed it gets a lot warmer for you soon!

  6. Wow that sucks! I'll keep my fingers crossed you are able to haul tomorrow!

  7. I am very confused about where you live . . . . can you enlighten me?

    1. I grew up in Southeast Idaho and I remember a winter when I was about 14, where the drifts in front of our house were fifteen feet high. We went without electricity for three days and our only source of heat was the wood fireplace in our house. During the 60's and 70's, we got a lot of snow so I guess I am surprised that there is no snow removal equipment.

      I hope you can get your pony to the indoor soon.

  8. lol very shit.

    it was 11 this AM and it felt OK compared to the 5 deg we've been having. I'm sure the FIFTY digresses this weekend will throw everything out of whack

  9. Oh and at least its SUPER pretty there

  10. Just drive the trailer 2 mph, hazards flashing, with a car preceding and another following - so you can get out safely on Saturday!! Must have covered arena!!

  11. As miserable as that weather looks, I could totally use a week off. You know, as long as I'm sitting inside looking at the pretty snow. So, if you want to trade places for a few days, I'm good. You might have to tack horses at the track in the morning, but wouldn't have to clean stalls and you could ride my horses as much as you wanted. Yes, I'm THAT desperate for a vacation....

    I hope that Courage gets to move to his new home soon :)

    1. By desperate, I mean me being in the cold just to get a vacation. Hope that didn't come out wrong....

    2. Ha! I totally got it the first time. If you buy plane tickets, I'd trade for a week. I like racehorses.

      PS I 80% promise not to bring one home.

  12. It was warm today you should have moved today!

  13. How is Idaho not a winter state??? You're waaaaaay north, plus it snows lots every year. Me<---confused! It's further north than Chicago, and that is most definitely in a winter state!!!

  14. I was looking forward to snow rides... but if I can't ride any time BEFORE the snow... I won't be able to get on. I know the feeling and my pony is not happy about it (neither am I).


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