Monday, August 24, 2015

3 Awesome Things About My Entire State Burning Down

1. Epic smoke/dust+sunrise pictures

That's all I've got.


Unless you count considering taking up smoking so I at least get some sort of buzz out of wrecking my lungs.

Someone remind me what rain feels like? Does it still do that out there?


  1. *cough cough* I feel your pain. Washington is pretty much entirely on fire, too. My phone says there's a 7% chance of rain today.... fingers crossed.

  2. I feel your pain! California is burning down too. :(

  3. I forget where you live but I was in Denver the last weekend and of course it was the one weekend all year when the state was on fire, so no good mountain views, hello smog and cough. NO FUN! I hope your state stops burning soon.

  4. We've got the same misery in Cali. I wish I had taken pics the other day, it looked post-apocalyptic near our house. First winter I'm praying for lots rain.

  5. =-( I wish I could send some of our daily rain out to you guys!

  6. Wish I could send you our rain, we are flooding :(


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