Monday, August 31, 2015

Memo Officially Missed

See, every time Courage and I have done well at a show this year, he painfully and unsightfully mutilated himself in the days leading up to the show. This is remarkable, because in general, he actually takes quite good care of himself.

I had signed him up for a show last weekend.

The show got cancelled for reasons out of my control.

Apparently he didn't get the memo, because he did this:
day 1

day 2
It's kind of a cool and unique injury--I thought he got kicked, but he was turned out by himself. Also, there is a corresponding mark inside that right front, but it doesn't have all the cool swelling. That could mean he put his leg through something, but A) there wasn't really anything to put a leg through and B) he is definitely not a horse that would handle a situation like that calmly. He'd probably end up removing his entire leg if that happened. What happened? I have no idea.

I guess I need to be really obviously clear to him that we are not, in fact, showing on the 12th and if he could just keep all limbs attached, that would be dandy.


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