Monday, November 20, 2017

Houston, We're Out of Pixie Dust

If you've known me for ten minutes, you know I like tack. I like buying tack. I like to turn over inventory quickly. I like playing with new things. I like knowing about lots of different things.

It might surprise you to know that there's one piece of tack that I've had my entire adult equestrian life without replacing or selling.
2011 on the Hellmare
It's a super basic Nunn Finer hunt breastplate.

And it's magical.

I swear.
2012 on Cuna
I bought it to match a bridle I no longer own.

I used it when I worked in a busy training barn.

It fit literally everything from ponies to giant Irish draught types and everything in between. It's classic. It's super adjustable. It's sturdy.

2014 on C-Rage
It's just a solid piece of tack that's good to have around. 

Naturally, when I got Zoebird, it went on her too. 
2017 on ZB
I like having something to grab on babies and the adjustability meant I just changed a few things and off we went. 



Zoe is no wilting Victorian heroine. She's bold and strong and intelligent and well, she has curves that she is growing in to. 

You think I'm joking. 
she's a lovely lady

In the last two weeks, we went from a 48" to a 52" girth.

And the other night while tacking up, I saw this:
look past the haircut
Look close:
uh oh
If that looks like a Zoebird lady who is about to bust out of her horse size breastcollar to you, then yeah. We're on the same page. 

Apparently the magical Nunn Finer has finally run out of pixie dust. 
nope that is definitely not her bum peeking out of an 84" quarter sheet
Any recommendations on a new breastplate? I need size "real big". 


  1. No suggestions, just giggling at the cheek poking out of the quarter sheet 😂

  2. Oh noooess. And I may also be giggling at her peaking cheek.

  3. Good luck with finding a replacement - maybe "Oversize" is big enough? I have a blanket-with-girth-straps style quarter sheet and I just tell myself it's short because that's the UK style. Totally.

  4. She is just growing so you can keep shopping!

  5. Roxie uses a polo style breastplate and yes I maybe had to have the tugs replaced with XL ones by a cowboy leather worker.

    1. I'm hoping she tops out short of full-Roxie dimensions.

  6. holy shoulders batman, indy still fits in my horse sized breastplate

    (although not for long... i used to have 3 holes in reserve and now i only have one...)

  7. when i first saw the "she's a lovely lady" picture, i thought the folds in her mane were actually rolls in her neck lol.... like, 'ooh yes i can see why the breast plate doesn't fit any more!'

  8. Oversize should be good, or look at draft places. I have an oversize HDR that has lots of adjustability and is well made with good quality leather if you need brand recs!

    I feel you as a fellow large mare owner.
    And I must know where you got that quarter sheet, it's amazing!

    1. It's Centaur brand. A local mobile shop had it and I made grabby hands.

  9. If there is a Tandy Leather / Leather Factory, store nearby You cold either make some extenders or maybe have some made?

    1. There is definitely the shop that custom made her throatlatch haha.

  10. I mean... it wouldn't be YOU if you had a normal sized horse that fit into everything you already own, ya know?

  11. You could call Bartville -- they often have oversize stuff majorly discounted!

  12. This is so sad. I'm sorry :( You should definitely hang on to it forever though. That thing is magical. Maybe you can have it extended somehow?
    Also, what brand is that quarter sheet, and does it come in green?

  13. She looks very fetching in purple :D

  14. Hehe and you hoped she wouldn't grow anymore. *snicker* She still has lots of growing to do. Hey look at it this way! Buy more stuff!!!! :D Oh and if I haven't mentioned it before.... she's so GORGEOUS!

    1. Ugh growing wtf. I'm fine with the baby brain but the GROWING haha.


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