Thursday, December 14, 2017


In addition to loaning me an entire pile of saddles to play with, Roxie's mom came to visit the other day. 
10/10 sharing this photo because my hair looks randomly amazing
Annnnnd while she was patting my beautiful Zoebird, she nearly got a chunk taken out of her. Which reminded me I'd been meaning to schedule the chiro vet.

So I did that.
and then we went through the magical light tunnel
it's a thing here ok
Anyways. Zoe is a fantastic lady but her entire life has undergone drastic changes in the last few months and her body doesn't really even look the same. It makes sense to me that she'd need a little support. 
she just wanted to play with the awesome giant horse lego
My chiro vet LOVED Zoe, haha. With Courage, you always had to be on your toes a little bit because he tended to launch in various directions to express himself. With Zoe, we just had to make sure she didn't get a chance to play too hard with the handy dandy standing block. 

Because it looked SO FUN. 
ugh fun police
Aside from being a little bit cranky to tack up, Zoe has been great. I appreciated the vet taking the time to talk about managing draftie type horses. Vet also took her time going over Zoe. She described everything she found as pretty basic stuff given the level of work Zoe is in and her overall training development.
tongue stretch!
You wouldn't think I could find a way to brag about how my baby mare is the best at chiro adjustments, but this is me we're talking about. It was so fun to watch Zoe's brain work. This was her first bodywork appointment, so a lot of what we were doing was unfamiliar. She just sort of let the vet mess with her and then relaxed when she figured out it didn't hurt. 

I wasn't expecting any surprises, but it was nice to have a trusted vet sign off and say "yup everything looks great" after a few basic adjustments. 


  1. I was waiting for video evidence of ZB nose smooshing the vet šŸ˜‚

  2. Cross another thing off the "Baby's First" list!

  3. i definitely love getting regular body work for the ponehs! so good to get that check in!

    1. It was actually the first time my vet had seen her, so it was really nice to get some confirmation that everything is fine lol.

  4. I'm sure that she appreciated the care!

  5. Sounds wonderful and like it's something my person needs to check into for me.


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