Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Spring is Actually Here (I Think?)

I didn't really mean to blog because I don't have anything more meaningful to say than "ZB is a baller and all y'all without ZBs must be pretty sad," which isn't super great content. 

Alyssa came out to play in the sunshine the other day and Roxie's mom had sent me a jump saddle to mess around with. I told Alyssa we'd set up a crossrail and go jumpies but joke's on me, apparently like 3 weeks of solid rain means there's this "mud" substance outside that's bad to jump in. 
bright sides: green grass and space boots
Regardless. It's the first time I've had action pictures of ZB in like... months... and the first time I've had outdoor pictures since... ever... so despite not doing much more than a sedate walk/trot around the outdoor arena while strategically avoiding mud, I thought y'all might want to see what it looks like when you 1) have a ZB and 2) put her in training and 3) only ride very occasionally so the training really gets to take root before you start messing her up. 
not gonna lie, i deeply regret my saddle pad choice on this day
I just piddled around and focused on staying quiet and forward with my hands while doing prompt transitions. 
such trot!
She's a different ride than the OTTBs of my past--she's hot for a draft cross, but that still means making her more sensitized to my leg vs LEG ON like riding an actually-hot horse. She tends to run a little downhill and get low in the poll (see also: baby draft horse) so I just kinda camp my hands UP and FORWARD and then go around. 
uh yeah i'll take this
It was really fun for me to see these photos--to me, this was an average-to-blah day where neither of us put in any special effort. I just hopped on and we went around and it felt ok not great. Which is fine. That is the level of effort I was putting in that day.
can you even with how adorable we are
you cannot
I realize my expectations are different than someone who's pushing to get out and show and throw down 70s at first level in a couple weeks or something, but to me, the little lady looks fucking fantastic and omfg guys she is so much fun to ride. 

The footing wasn't good enough to canter or jump or anything so we called it and petted her smooshy nose and fed cookies and let her eat the tasty spring grass. 


  1. ZB looks great. You look really amazing, too!

  2. Ahhh she looks so good!! And so do you!! <3

  3. Sometimes those days are exactly what you need though! May you continue to have great weather and smooshy noses!

  4. You both look great! Glad you're enjoying each other, that's why we do this!

  5. She looks great, and like she's really maturing and learning quickly!

  6. Me and my four year old are you jealous of your training game! Also THOSE BOOTS 😍

  7. You need to tell Alyssa we miss her blogging!! I hope she is doing well.

    ZB, as always, looks stellar! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful afternoon!

  8. These were so much fun to see! She’s amazing and I’m so glad that you’re both having fun :)

  9. It's a slow spring for many of us. I have done very little beyond doodling.

  10. ZB puts off all the happy pone vibes <3. I'm excited for my new boy (name pending still) but will admit I'm still jealous and a Teeeeeeeny bit sorry I didn't hold out for a ZB of my own.


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