Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Really Shouldn't Be Here

I have a massive paper due tonight. I haven't even started reading for it yet.

So of course, I went out to ride this morning and rode both girls. Sounds like a good plan, right?

It worked well from a horsey perspective; I rode Cassie first, and she was really good. The poor girl's been neglected lately because between work, school, a house, two dogs, a cat, a husband, I only have just so much time for riding. I comfort myself by remembering that I only have two months left, but that doesn't really help Cassie. At any rate, we went w/t/c and it was nice to ride a horse who knew what she was doing, even though she's rusty. Plus, she has an amazing, beautiful, rocking-horse canter. That was lovely.

Izzy was also good today. We did lots of irregular serpentines and figure eights with changes of gait and direction in walk and trot. She was pretty good. She worried a bit much about the far side of the arena (monsters!!), but managed to focus most of the time. I tried to work on my position a bit and keep from being defensive, but I had pretty limited time at that point, so I didn't try to canter.

Sigh... I wish I had more time...


  1. what a beautiful Oldenburg you's always been one of my favorites! WOW..I admire a non spooky horse too! ;)
    Mine is a bit of a SPPPOOOOOK in place typically, but some days..we are off to the races! whew.
    Here is my blog about us:

  2. You'll make it...finish the school work and then kick back and find more time to ride.

    Meantime, just make every ride count and you'll be fine. Izzy is learning something good every time you ride her.


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