Friday, October 23, 2009

The Pre-Clinic Madness

Ok, it's not really madness. It's just fun and exciting. Izzy had her feet done earlier this week (I'm still loving our new trimmer), and the new white polos are sitting in my dining room, waiting to be re-rolled and used tomorrow. My half chaps finally crapped out for the last time, so I'm going to get new ones this afternoon, then come home and wash saddle pads and take the poor puppies for a walk.

We had a really, really good ride today. All nice, comfortable, and relaxed with no fussing or spooking. I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow... Is it too much to want three good days in a row? Maybe.

The (not-so) problem pony will get wormed and have her teeth done in the next week it sounds like. This is new ground for me. I've never owned a horse before her, so I never had to bother with things like horse dentists. I assume her previous owner took good care of her in this regard, but I know for sure that no one has looked at her teeth since I got her in February. IT's a good thing to do, and I don't want her to start having problems in that area. Also, I'm going to have Cathy teach me how to do the worming. I've sort of watched before, but I'm trying to do everything right.

Someday, I think I want to be a barn manager. That's my current career aspiration, but don't tell my husband. He thinks I need a job that, you know, earns money. ;-) Oh well. I'll just enjoy horse care in the mean time.


  1. I love clinics! I'm so excited for you. Don't worry about Izzy being good, good or bad it will be a valuable learning experience.

    Barn Manager is a fine career aspiration. I loved the time I spent as a barn manager, I still miss it. Although, I don't miss some of the owners. The horses were lovely, though.

    Good Luck and have fun tomorrow!

  2. Have fun at the clinic!

    I think all the horse care stuff like teeth and worming is part of the fun!

  3. Just catching up. Hope by now you are home and happy after a simply wonderful clinic!!

    Looking forward to the report.

  4. OOOOHHHHHH I'm excited for you!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!


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