Thursday, October 29, 2009

Studying Again

There are some really nice horses available locally that I wish I was in a position to snatch up some days... Once in a while, it just sounds really nice to have a trained, going horse to ride and show instead of constantly doing the green thing and doing all the training on my own. I dunno. I keep telling myself that I'll be happy I did it myself in a couple years.

Oh well. I can't afford to buy another horse, much less board and keep it.

Other random thoughts:
1) A local trainer/dealer rides and shows Dutch Harness Horses. I think that's fabulous. They're beautiful animals, well behaved, well taken care of, and quite talented. I do not know this trainer personally at all. Like many in the horse industry, she's having trouble making ends meet apparently, so she's selling off a bunch of horses, including one DHH. However, she's marketing the DHH as a Dutch Warmblood, which is not the same thing at all. I doubt that anyone looking for a Dutch Warmblood would fall for that, especially upon seeing the horse in person, but it seems really dishonest to me. Sad.

2) I'm graduating (assuming I don't fail any important classes) in less than two months. I'll most likely be getting a job of some sort, which involves making more money than my current wonderful and very part time position. Most of the money will go to savings and paying off the house and being responsible, but it would allow for me to make a few more decisions about my horse. Izzy is boarded where she is because I've worked at that particular barn for years and I love the people. I don't love the facility. Yes, it's supposed to be moving, but the things I don't love about the facility are human caused (junk lying around, incomplete projects that sit there for years). In addition, I've heard some rumors from a rather unreliable source that there might be some people or a person at the new place that beats horses around the head or something. (We're merging with another facility that I'm unfamiliar with.) I will address that rumor with the barn owner/manager and see if there's any truth to it, but it brings up an important point: what will I do?

If there's someone beating horses, I'm not going. I know there is no reason for anyone to touch my horse other than me, especially because I'm out nearly every day, but that isn't good enough. I will not take this risk for my horse. Again though, I don't trust the source of the rumor, and I need to get to the bottom of this before making a decision based on this.

On the other count though, I'm curious. If I'm making an income and can afford to move to a different stable and at the same time can seemlessly merge in to something else, that interests me. I'm doing a bit of research on what's available. I think I'd like a primarily dressage- or eventing-related barn, but not an intense everyone shows type facility. I would like to have an actual barn, but those are pretty rare in Idaho. Smaller facilities aren't terribly practicable because I do not have a truck and trailer, so getting out to shows would be hard.

Hm. Any thoughts?


  1. Congratulations on your impending graduation!

    I keep seeing great horses for cheap around here and kicking myself for not having the money/time/room to buy them. Someday.....

    Good luck on your boarding situation. It's a tough spot to be in, I've been there many times. I have found that these things have a tendency to work themselves out, though. Just keep your eyes and ears open, you never know when an opportunity will jump out at you!

  2. I would love a trained horse and my next one will be. Mind you had the opportunity to spend some good money on the right horse and my OH and I decided to buy land instead! So there goes the idea of a trained horse for another ten years! :o)

    If you go to a barn you might be able to get a ride to shows anyway. It is nerve racking moving you always wonder if you are doing the right thing for you or your horses! Good Luck with your decision.

  3. The boarding syndrome is always difficult. I did it for some 30 years or so. Fortunately, I now have the horses home with me.

    No suggestions except to thoroughly check out any place you can consider. Talk to other boarders and get a good feel for what's going on.

    Here in NJ, there are lots of places to board with all kind of options....and all kinds of prices, mostly high.

  4. I've been there too. It is great to be able to hop on and just do your thing without dealing with the green-factor. But...consider a few years time, you will have a horse that is completely yours, training the way you want her, and...sooner than you think, you'll be able to do everything with her you want to do with a "trained" horse.

    I am glad I didn't give up on my mare...I went from being thrown in the dirt *every* single time I got on her for a year or more, to having a horse that will do anything for me (and only me, some days, lol) -- and will just go around the ring at a gorgeous trot in a perfect frame with 2 months off.

    I can't was absolutely worth all the tears, sweat and dirt.


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