Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back the the Beginning... Again.

We had a massive windstorm with some rain last night.

Apparently, it wasn't Izzy's favorite thing ever. She came out pretty well this morning; let me wrap her legs while standing nicely, didn't fuss much about anything, whatever, until we started lunging. I had actually contemplated not lunging her today because she's been working hard lately, but I figured it is good to get her going forward before I got on.

I'm pretty glad I did. We had some pretty massive fireworks in the form of bucking and galloping and swapping ends and then bucking the other way. I probably ended up lunging her for half an hour, just to get her settled and going forward. Then I got on and did some big trot figure eights, focusing on rhythm and relaxation, and when she did that, I got off.

Everyone has days, I guess.


  1. Even if the massive fireworks are dangerous, they sure are fun to watch from a safe distance. All that power! All that beauty! All that nature!

  2. Good thing you lunged her first, that could have been quite the rodeo! I've had days when all I could manage were rythm and relaxation. I console myself with the knowledge that rythm and relaxation are very important, you can't get the rest of the way without those two!

  3. Those days frustrate me - but I love watching them!!!! :o)


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