Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crazy Horse People

I was reading Denali's blog today, and she talked about something I've been thinking about for the past several days: horse expenses.

Oh dear.

I do not even want to know what I've spent on Izzy in the last ten months. (I got her last February, so it hasn't even been a year yet.) I work off most of our board and lessons, so I don't really have to account for that, but bear in mind that I'm still a college student for another eight days. I work a part time job. I know I could get paid more elsewhere, but I really like my job and the hours are really flexible, which is awesome in the summer time because I can ride every morning.

If I started adding up tack, farrier visits, clinic expenses, show fees, and miscellaneous expenses (books, blankets, gas...) ugh. That would be a lot of money. If I decided to factor in my total income versus what I spent on Izzy, it would look even worse.

And then there are the ways that having Izzy effects my life. For example: pretend I have $80. Will I A) Buy some new practical shoes to replace the ones I have that are nearly falling apart B) Buy some clothes since I haven't bought any since I got Izzy C) Buy a heated water bucket and a pair of warm barn gloves?

Pretty sure we all picked C. It's a good thing that I bought a lot of clothes in the year before I got Izzy because I have no desire to divert money away from her now... weird, huh? No, you probably get it.


  1. Crazy horse people? Guilty as charged. My horse's tack alone cost as much as he did. I don't even bother trying to figure out how much I spend on him, I wouldn't change anything, anyway.

    I view it as my civic duty, I'm helping to stimulate the economy!

  2. I went to law school based solely on an evaluation of what job I could get that would pay for Tucker's show career. And at least a third of my pay check goes to him every month. In hindsight, I don't regret one red cent. He's totally worth it.

  3. Just think how it simplifies life - you don't need to worry about things like clothes and shoes (for you) - only horse and barn stuff!

  4. I am dealing with the SAME thing!! very few (read:2) of my friends understand or support the craziness! I am working full time and because of Grantie, am living paycheck to paycheck and have, for the first time in my life, aquired some debt. It is really scary and lately I have been thinking that I may have to sell my boy. His rent is almost as much as mine and I can't find a place that will let me work it off... I often wonder if perhaps I don't deserve horses until I can make more money. If some accident were to happen I have no idea what I would do!

    And no, I haven't bought clothes in forever and my non-horsie friends are getting super frustrated when i consistantly turn them down for meals or drinks b/c I can't afford anything extra!

    Good luck to you too! Maybe one day it will all make sense!

  5. People who do not own horses will never understand. My Boys come first and everything else happens as it does.

  6. I allow $3oo a month for Sam. That pays for everything, agistment, food, farrier, vet bills, worming, supplements. I don't always include tack as it is usually a 'treat' not a necessitiy. Mind you this monthly allowance does not include, fuel to see him twice a day, rego for the float or insurance for the float. Do I need to include those?


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