Friday, December 11, 2009

The Thought Bubble of DOOM!!

Yesterday, Izzy and I were supposed to have a lesson in the neighbor lady's covered arena. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't just an arena with a roof. It's covered by a white bubble... like an indoor sports facility or something. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, because the inflation is dependent on air pressure, to go in, one has to go into a tiny little stall thing (probably 10x10), close the door behind oneself, and then open the door to the arena. Needless to say, Izzy was not a fan of this procedure, but she did ok. Once inside, it's like being in your own thought bubble. Shadows reflect on the sides of the arena. Sounds echo around. Sounds from the outside come in, but they are quiet and muffled.

Izzy was a mess. Fortunately, she was the only horse in there, so I was able to lunge her back and forth up the arena so we got to thoroughly panic about the whole thing. After about a half hour of spooking and trotting and spooking some more, she calmed down enough that I got on and Cathy led us around a couple times. Then we called it good.

Today, we went over again, this time just to lunge. Izzy's favorite friend on the trails, Irie the Halfie, was already there, so that help. Cathy had to actually get off of Irie, come into the scary box, and help me get Izzy inside it, because treats may have gotten her up to the door, but she had no interest in going inside, treat or no treat.

She did make it in, once Cathy stood behind her and encouraged her by waving (but not touching her) with the whip. Izzy was happy to see Irie inside, and we actually managed to work on some transitions on the lunge line. I probably could have ridden her, had I been dressed in riding clothes.

I have hope that within the next few weeks, she ought to be manageable in there. Hooray Izzy!!


  1. Progress - good to hear! Wish we had one of those to ride in.

  2. Oh jeez, that horse bubble sounds crazy! I would feel a bit like an astronaut in one of them. On the other hand, I wish I had one of them to get some good winter practice in! I keep trying to get my horse guy to make a covered arena, but he has his reasons for not doing so. But in any arena, my horse sure likes it better when other horses are down in it wih her! Her performance is sooo much better! No power struggles, no jumpy weirdness!

  3. I was wondering how you got in and out of those things...I might be scared too. Izzy did well to keep her wits about her.


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