Monday, March 8, 2010


The Jimmy Wofford clinic was amazing. I took copious notes, so I'll try to write a summary post of it this week. The only problem with the clinic was that Izzy wasn't there with me (and isn't a jumper yet), so I have the jumping bug in the worst way and there's nothing I can do. Ack!

A quick rehash of my weekend: Izzy was psycho on Friday. She was so bad (in the bubble) that I didn't even get on. I just lunged her at a gallop until she would stand still for 10 seconds. Seriously. It took like an hour. I was so irritated with her that I didn't mind leaving her for two days on my horsey extravaganza. Then the clinic.

Fortunately, while I was gone, Cathy turned Izzy out with her half-sister and they had a wonderful time together. This is good for Izzy's turnout future because she can finally be with someone, so Cathy doesn't have to turn her out alone and waste precious pasture time. This must have made Izzy happy, because she wasn't mad at me for leaving her for TWO WHOLE DAYS when I came out this morning. She met me at the gate, then was fine to tack up. She was forward but quiet on the lunge, and amazing under saddle.

What a good girl. I had plenty of time after that, so I started the massive project that is pulling Izzy's mane. It was very long and thick. Now it's about 6" long and less thick. Hopefully after another session or two, it will be back to being respectable. Izzy is one of those wonderful horses who actually can't feel it when I pull her mane, so she's very quiet and nice about it. She's also good about clippers.

My saddle is supposed to come today. EEEEE!!! So exciting.

Did I mention my life is awesome?


  1. im green with envy! I bet that clinic was amazing. Can't wait to read about it!

  2. Sounds as if Izzy really got some benefit from the additional turnout with a friend to keep her occupied.

    The clinic must have been super. Can't wait to hear the report on this one.

  3. You do realize that this report needs to chonicle every little minute detail, right? Hopefully, you have a transcript that you can type out word for word. With descriptions of gestures, tone of voice, clothing, etc., etc.
    Hahha, JK! BUT I am beyond jealous and need to live vicariously through you for a moment, so please include LOTS of details! ;-)
    *goes off to put on "I ♥ The Woff" t-shirt*


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