Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Not Complaining

I realize that many of you are trapped under feet of snow, so my little rain storm isn't really a big deal, especially since I have access to an indoor arena. Still, I love riding outside and having more space, and I am whining just a little bit.

Anyways, I was feeding this morning while Cathy went to check the arena to see if we could ride. Her analysis was that as long as it didn't rain, we'd be outside today. Hurray! She went next door to ride some of the neighbor's horses while I got Izzy out. I had barely picked out Izzy's feet when the rain started pouring down.

Yeah. We had an actual rainstorm here.

Off to the indoor we went. Izzy was a little silly about going over, but nothing too bad. She was decent (reasonable. It's Cathy's favorite word.) on the lunge, and then off we went. I tried to work on the things we did in our lesson, but I only had a few minutes to ride and I was steering around Cathy's training horse and a lesson for a very nice guy who I think was disabled. We kept it to walk/trot and I focused on keeping my hands very still while riding from my body. For whatever reason, Izzy was vastly less argumentative than she was yesterday, and it went really well. Maybe it helped that two other horses were in there with us. I don't know.

I got off when the other horses left. I don't Izzy liked being left, because she blasted out the door and almost ran over me. Grrr. I backed her up pretty quickly and made her go in and out of the claustrophobic box politely several times before I took her home. I get that it's cramped and dark and she doesn't like it, but that's no reason to trample me.

I ride again tomorrow, then I'm off for the weekend with a horsey friend to watch a Jimmy Wofford clinic. Woohoo! Here's hoping Izzy won't be too mad at me when I get back.

Funny story: Izzy gets bored in her pen, so any time I come to get her she meets me at the gate. Seriously. Even multiple times a day. I was gone last weekend, so she didn't get worked Fri-Sun. Monday when I came to get her, she hid her head behind her feed bucket and wouldn't look at me or let me put her halter on because she was mad. How dare I leave her alone! Poor pony.


  1. HA ha ha, don't you love horses? Especially Mares, they have their opinions on things and they're pretty set in their ways!!

  2. Have fun at your clinic. That is awesome. My horsie friend is coming to visit this weekend too. Yahooo

  3. haha she sounds like suck a character! [: I am quite jealous of your indoor arena though and would trade my three outdoor ones for your indoor if that is alright!

    Oh Jim Wofford <3 Take a notepad and write notes - I still remember things I learned from a clinic I watched four years ago, and they come in handy when you want to wow some dressage fuddy-duddies with excellent eventer terminology! ;D

  4. Wish I had an indoor. Right now, I'd let the Boys spend the night in there just so they could play on dry ground for a change. *sigh*

    Soggy is getting to be a real nuisance.

    Izzy certainly does express her opinion about things, doesn't she. I love horses with character and she seems to be brimming with it.

    Sorry about the rain. It's one sure way to ruin a good ride.

  5. Izzy is funny! I like the word "Reasonable" and may have to steal that train of thought.
    Isn't it crazy how they get sometimes when being left alone?! Laz was stuck in his private paddock yesterday while the others could smell spring and went running into their 11 acres. He freaked out, rearing, running from his pen to stall and back and I thought was going to jump his 5'gate and kill himself to get to them. I felt bad until I thought I was going to get trampled..then I got angry.
    Stay dry!

  6. There's an award waiting for you at my blog. :) Come pick it up when you have time!

  7. Ooooooh, I would give my right arm to watch a clinic with The Woff! He is one of my horsey idols.
    Brena over at "We Are Flying Solo" actually had the opportunity to ride in a clinic with him. Lucky duck! I think at one point she and I were discussing making "I ♥ The Woff" t-shirts, slap-bracelets, etc. (Yep -- nerd alert!)


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