Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Brief Aside

Alas, I'm on a computer but I don't have my clinic notes handy. I'll post part two next week. Thanks for the feedback! I've not written a thorough clinic summary before, so I wasn't sure how to go about it.

Yesterday was awful. It was cold and the wind was blowing ridiculously hard. I did get Izzy out and ride outside. She was good-ish, but definitely on edge. I scratched the original plan of ending the workout by trotting over poles and crossrails with our eventing buddy and just put her away. Better to end on a good note than risk something major going wrong at this point.

Instead, I set jumps and poles and quoted Jimmy Wofford. It was fun, and I liked doing the ground work so I could get more of a feel for how to set things. It's much easier to set poles, watch horses go through, then reset without having to deal with leading a horse around. After we were done, I jetted off to our local tack store to take advantage of their amazing sale and the fact that my last treed saddle sold, so I had a tiny bit of money spend.

I ended up with some black Roma open-front boots and a set of black stirrup leathers for my new saddle. After finding those items, I forced myself to march to the front of the store and not even look at anything else. Yes, you will see pictures when I put them on Izzy. I would have done it today, but she got her shots yesterday and was sore and cranky today. Oh, and did I mention that it snowed overnight and is freezing and miserable now? Brrr.


  1. Well, they can't all be good days. I agree with ending on a good note and not pushing it.

    Aside from being absolutely terrified of jumping anything over knee-high, I never took up jumping simply because it looked like so much work. Every time you knock something over or want to change it you have to get off, fix it, then get back on? Ha, I won't even stop to pick up my whip if I drop it!

    The Jimmy Wofford clinic sounded great, can't wait to hear more!

  2. Tucker got shots and has been really sore this week too! Poor babies...

  3. Ground work is always an excellent alternative. Good going.

    You left the tack store with only what you intended to buy? What willpower!!

  4. It is always good to have someone else around when you are jumping. If not to set poles and coach in an attempt to help you improve, just to be there in case anything should go wrong.

    My budget usually keeps me on track when tack shopping. It can be hard to pick up just what you need and leave. There's always something lurking in the corner or on the next aisle over...

  5. The Woff post was excellent! [: You did a great job writing a clinic summary and hitting some wonderful high points. I, too, would LOVE to ride with him someday even though I am a complete chicken when it comes to jumping in general.

    Sometimes it is more fun to be a jump crew then actually jumping, and you learn a lot from it too! Give the pretty girl lots of love and tell her to behave - I think Spring might just be here!


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