Monday, March 1, 2010

Shopping without a Budget

Our new saddle is supposed to ship out from it's old home today. It's black (of course), so it won't match The Most Beautiful Bridle in the World. I know what to do; don't buy a black bridle. I've found a couple that are pretty cheap, but I know I'd never be super happy with a cheap bridle. I've learned that I just need to save and buy what I really want or else I keep buying stuff that I don't want.

Oh well. I don't have the funds to buy a nice bridle right now, so we'll just have to enjoy our mismatched tack when the new saddle arrives. I'm sure that if we go to a show, I'll be able to borrow a black bridle until I can actually afford one.

Also, I'd post a picture of the saddle that the seller sent, but it seems unlucky to show off something not actually in my possession yet. Have patience.


  1. whats patience? havent we discussed my character flaw in lacking said virtue?? hehe!

  2. >>Oh well. I don't have the funds to buy a nice bridle right now, so we'll just have to enjoy our mismatched tack when the new saddle arrives.<<

    And that would be why I am going through my bridles and selling off what I do not use. None of it fits my new girl anyways, so no big deal seeing it go. I'm just hoping the same doesn't happen with my saddles.

    I am also finding I am no longer swayed by the cheap price on something either. Quality comes with a price and often times things are cheap because they are cheap. We may start out there, but at some point we come around to not batting an eye when paying a bit more for the good stuff.

  3. Congrats on the new saddle! Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Budget...yeah, I've got one of those too! Be sure to check ebay for great deals. My fave bridles right now are Vespucci mono-crowns. Saving for a nice jumping one as we speak :)

  5. SB, I have a pretty Kieffer that I've never used. It's too big for my girls head (I'm not sure how big Izzy's head is) and my trainer said that she might be interested but if you want to look at it I can get pictures.

  6. Have I told you what I do about buying new tack? I make myself earn it. Whenever I have a great horse show or even sometimes a really great lesson I let myself have whatever the next thing on my list is. Since I'm pretty hard on myself, that keeps me from spending money too often, and since I'm "earning" it, I don't feel as guilty spending the money. Just a thought... you could "earn" a nice black bridle when you go to your first big horse show and it is a huge success :)

  7. Congratulations. I hope every ride in the new saddle is better than the one before.

    The black bridle will come. Just be patient and save your pennies. It will be more special that way.


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