Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dream Boots

I stupidly scheduled a doctor's appointment for today at 11. That would have given me plenty of time at the old barn to go out, feed, ride, and brush the hay off my shirt before seeing a doctor. Between moving to the new barn and helping my grandparents out (both of which are long trips in the opposite direction of the doctor), I'm stuck at home doing horsey laundry. I guess that's ok. I'll ride later this afternoon.

So. Instead of a riding post, here's something else I've been thinking about. (And if you didn't see yesterday's post, scroll down. There are pictures!)

I think most of you are aware that I have something of a horse boot fetish. Since Izzy and I are gunning to be eventers, I get to indulge that fetish by having boots for three different disciplines. I have cool white fleecy dressage boots from dover, Roma gel open fronts in black, and a pair of black pro choice no-turn bell boots. This leaves a gaping hole in my boots collection--cross country. Of course, none of you doubt that I've thought about this gap long and hard. Here are some options I'm contemplating:

Dream boots #1: Nunn Finer American Style Boots These are fabulous. Also, they are used by high level competitors, while Izzy and I are staring beginner novice in the eye. As far as I can tell, they're more common for people riding at prelim and up, which is years away for us, if we ever decide to go that far. So, awesome but expensive and pretentious, which probably isn't a good thing.

Dream boots #2: Nunn Finer Brushing boots This is what I'll end up with, I'm sure. The trouble is this: I like royal blue. When Cassie and I evented, we had lots of it. I still have a royal saddle pad for xc, a royal polo to wear, and royal polo wraps for her. So there's a good sized part of me that really wants to get the black with royal blue straps. The other part thinks I ought to be a little more formal and grown up and just get plain black. Not as fancy, but gets the job done.

Any thoughts?


  1. Nunn Finers are ok and what I used to use too...TriZones are the most hardcore protection I have found though and what I use now. I LOVE these boots. Hard shell to protect against bumps and scrapes. Ventilation to keep tendons cool and happy. Easy to clean, quick to dry, very form fitting so they dont slip/move around.


  2. Yes, they look fabulous, but their price reflects it. As a semi unemployed person, I have to be practical.

  3. I COMPLETELY understand :( But if a windfall comes your way...you gotta get a pair :P


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