Monday, May 10, 2010

Maybe Pictures?

Still having picture issues. Oh well. Cassie is settling in nicely and I have high hopes for a ride tomorrow, but Izzy is acting like a total nut (whenever she can drag her face out of the tall grass), so we'll see where that goes. I'm sure a full day to look around will improve her outlook substantially. I would have ridden Cassie today, but it started pouring rain and the indoor has a bunch of crap in it while some stuff gets worked on, so I'll have to wait. Besides... I'm not sure Cassie's ever been indoors. She didn't do the doom bubble.

After walking Izzy around and watching her freak out, I decided to turn both girls out in the arena together. The runs that they will live in aren't quite done, so they're staying semi-peacefully in the round pen together. (Yes, we have a roundpen now. I'm taking a bit of peevish delight in occupying it which annoys someone I'm not a fan of. Still, it's temporary. Tomorrow I'll hopefully get things straightened out.)

So, here are the hooligans themselves.
Izzy's fabulous butt. Admire.
This was towards the end of her racing around madly. She was tired and wanted to come see me. Behind her, you can see the wall of the indoor arena.

Look, no hooves!

Sadly, I don't have many cool pictures of Cassie from yesterday. In my defense, Cassie is way fast and hard to take pictures of.

I'm kind of impressed by what Izzy's doing here. I'm not sure I ever want to ride it. I'm also not super excited by the play equipment next to the arena. Seems like all kinds of fun that I'm not sure I want to have. Still, the fencing (railroad ties with metal rails) is solid and free of sharp edges.

Cassie and Izzy make a lap. Cassie, an OTTB to the core, is balanced and fast with an amazing recovery time. Izzy pretends to be a dressage horse, albeit a wee bit downhill. The sand piles in the background will be spread over the arena. Oh, and I should mention that our old arena was like 90 x 120 or something. This one is pretty dang big.

Izzy thinks that weeds growing in the arena is one of the best things ever. Cassie thinks that getting out and running around is the best thing ever. I have to say I'm happy with Cassie's attitude, but I do think Izzy will get it together.

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