Monday, May 3, 2010

One Horse, Two Saddles...

On account of the whole barn moving this week (theoretically), I picked up all my tack and took it home until the transition is over. Things have a way of just walking away, and I figured that the confusion of a move would involve stuff disappearing if I didn't take good care of it.

I have one horse. I've only been a horse owner for a little over a year.

Here is my stuff:

And a couple more boxes that are not pictured. Yikes. ALL FOR ONE HORSE. The sad thing is that I can justify why I need every single bit of it.

It is officially a pain to have to preselect the stuff I need and haul it out with me in the mornings, though. Today we did dressage. That meant I had to bring my grooming kit, dressage saddle and girth, saddle blanket, wither pad, Izzy's bridle, Cassie's bridle, a dressage whip, my helmet, and gloves. So I have to carry it all to my car, then from my car to the barn, then back.

Despite all the gear wrangling, I had an excellent ride. I'm thinking I'll use this week to really focus on dressage and developing impulsion with Izzy and then try to transfer that energy into jumping next time we get a chance.

Speaking of the lovely mare, I found an old notebook when cleaning out my tack locker. In the notebook were a couple pictures I drew of Izzy when she was a baby. They're not spectacular, but they're fun.
There are pictures of her as a baby. I'll have to see if I can find one.


  1. my BO asked me to take home my winter blankets. I live in a small apartment largely dominated by my roommate's stuff (she has so. much. stuff!), so, my heavy blanket, medium blanket, and rain sheet will reside in the trunk of my Toyota Solara for the next 6ish months...
    You can always take a page out of my book and have a mobile tack room! (My helmet, at least one pair of boots, and half chaps reside in my backseat along with multiple dog bones and copious amount of dog hair!). If there is a contest for disasters on wheels, mine is in serious contention for top prize!--I need a truck!!

  2. I don't know what I'd do if I had to bring all my horse stuff home! It would take over my apartment.

  3. I have a couple of these soft sided bags, they are amazing for hauling horsey things in the car.

    These are cool too...,13229.html

  4. Rachel- be sure to put those blankets in garbage bags. They will stink up your whole car once the summer sun starts shining!!

  5. Only two saddles? At least yours are for different disciplines. I own four dressage saddles. No one needs four dressage saddles, especially when they only ride one horse.

    I like the second drawing of Izzy resting, very cute!

  6. I have been downsizing the contents of the tack room lately. At least my side of it...

    Selling off a LOT of things to clear out the clutter, but also to help fund new stuff that I want and need!

  7. I save all the bags that new blankets and sheets and even curtains come in. Then I have something to pack all my tack in. i have all Olly's sheets and blanket and saddle pads in them. The stack great.

  8. I will not even begin to confess how much "horse stuff" I have. At least all your tack looks nice and clean--well cared for, unlike some of mine. *sigh*

    Good idea, though to put your things safely aside for the move. Much better than losing something. Good luck.

  9. I know that feeling of having way too much stuff!! I can't even justify having it all. I bought "Okay" stuff when I bought her, then decided I needed "the best" after a few months (you get what you pay for sometimes.)

    I can't leave stuff in my car. It makes me sad. People break in and steal it, and if any of my tack walks off I'll cry.

    Why is your barn moving?


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