Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Open Letter to Der Dau

Dear Smartpak Catalog and Der Dau Boot Company:

Every time I flip through your glossy pages, my eyes settle on these gorgeous, luxurious boots. Their graceful shape, their intelligent cut, their quality leather, even the little detail on the pull tab, all call to me.

They are my dream boots.

I will never own them.

No matter how beautiful your boots are, no matter how perfectly your custom options might work for me, I absolutely refuse to spend $800 on some foot protection that I will be tromping through horse urine and rubbing with sweat, inside and out.

You may make the most beautiful boots in the world and I may be a ridiculous tack whore, but I will never, ever own them. I simply cannot imagine spending a saddle's worth on money on boots.



  1. Sigh. I feel your pain. They are so lovely. But my $80 Tuff Rider boots fit like a glove and look custom and they don't mind that they're sitting in the corner covered in dust and manure.

  2. Hello I’ve been following your blog for a while now, haven’t commented before, it’s nice just to read through a blog. Anyway they are indeed nice boots I too find myself looking longingly at the beautiful boots in magazines, I like the Ariat tall boots the most, they are all nice, but I can see why you wouldn’t want to spend so much money on a pair of boots. I aim to get a pair of nice boots but will probably have another pair for yard work, but that’ll have to wait I guess, as I still have lots of others things I need that are more important.

  3. I have to admit... I covet them too. But I still wear the tall boots I got when I was 13, so you can see how high new boots rank on my list of priorities.

  4. They are beautiful boots. I invested in a new pair of high boots this year for first time since high school. I hope they last forever...

  5. They are lovely, but I TOTALLY AGREE. Ridiculous to pay that much -- my last $100 pair of tall boots lasted 10 years. So in theory, I could buy enough $100 tall boots to last me 80 years -- or one pair of $800 boots. ROFL, easy choice. It's like those stupid $700 coats that SmartPak has started selling. I open the catalog, and I'm like, "bitch, please, what, does it cook me dinner??"

  6. I agree and I will never own a pair either. But I have to admit that they may be worth it when I see some pros riding in them held together with duct tape. If they are so comfortable that you would rather duct tape them together instead of buying cheaper boots......

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  8. I am a little bit of a tack whore myself and my tastes are far too expensive for my wallet. Le sigh curse of the rider really. Don't you sometimes wish you had really ridiculously rich parents and sponsors :) The gear you could buy!


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