Monday, October 3, 2011

Running on Fumes

It was a crazy busy weekend (and fun!), so I haven't had time to put some cohesive goals together for this month. I'll think about that and instead distract you with some pretty pictures.

Here's what an equestrian does when the beagle needs a walk and the leash is in her husband's car. Yes, that's a rein.

For good measure, here's both my dogs. They are ridiculously adorable.

In keeping with the cute theme, here's Izzy getting ready to go ground driving. Of course she has to wear her super cute new boots. :-)

I had the saddle out because I meant to ride, but was too tired.

Pony mare hooked up to drive. She's pretty cute.

Since I am not the world's best groundwork person, at one point I got Izzy totally tangled up in the lines. Fortunately, she's a smart cookie, so I just dropped everything and said "whoa".

She stopped and gave me this look that just said, "Get over here and fix this, idiot".

Check this out! As a belated birthday present, Rinsie and Rev got Izzy and I a fabulously orange glowing nylon bridle. Yeah, pretty amazing. I'm going to deck her out in her orange and blue polos with orange bridle sometime this week.

Nothing like a dressage pony turned football fan, is there? Ha.

Yeah, we're pretty awesome together.


  1. That bridle is 10 neon shades of awesome. :D

  2. Wow, that bridle is something. Hunters will not mistake her for... anything. :)

  3. Great bridle for hunting season!! She looks great in it.

  4. I LOVE that bridle. That last photo is awesome :)


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