Friday, October 28, 2011

Mighty Irish

Stephanie's out of town to teach a clinic, so I thought I would just breeze through morning chores at the barn.

Feed? Check.
Rinse buckets and prepare beetpulp? Check.
Begin morning turnouts? Check.
Pull manes and touch-up clip all horses going to Galway on Monday?


I got it (mostly) done, but it took a while. Thankfully, I really like pulling manes. The two horses I did not have to do are the lovely Irish chaps. Now, anyone who knows about my equine preferences knows I hate Irish horses. It may be because they make me insecure, but they're just so bullheaded and sensitive and intelligent and cold blooded and I don't really like anything about them. I don't mind watching other people ride them, but I have never wanted to ride one myself.

So here they are:

This is Vivika, a 3 year old Irish mare. I hate greys and I hate Irish, but she is pretty sweet. Since she's three, Galway isn't in her future this year, and I did not pull her mane, though I suspect she will get tidied up next time I have free time. Lovely.

And here is Foster. He's very flashy and fancy and is a big, dumb love. I did his mane yesterday, because he is most definitely Galway-bound.

He's basically the size of a tank. You know how you can usually pull the bottom of a horse's mane just fine but need a stool to reach the top? Yeah, I need the stool to reach the bottom of his mane. For serious.

He's also roughly as wide as he is tall, and none of it is fat.


He likes his cookies.


  1. What is with the grey hating?! Greys are AWESOME! Just hard to keep clean... :p

  2. I like things clean, and as you mentioned, greys are not. After watching my friends struggle with them for years, I have decided I do not want one ever.

  3. Haha!! But when they are clean, they sparkle! AND they never bleach out their coat in summer, and you can always tell which rug is theirs because of all the little white hairs in it, and I haven't met a grey that couldn't jump, and they are pretty and sweet and I think I am just biased! My first pony was a grey (although I was often asked if he was palomino from all the dirt) and my sister's mare is a grey. :)

    The only Irish horses I ever knew were the most well behaved, nicest moving polite horses I ever met! BUT they were brothers, and their owner was a very accomplished horsewoman. So I am not an authority on the subject.

  4. Judges seem to love greys. ;)

    You have a busy schedule. My fingers would be bleeding if I had to pull more than one mane in a day!

  5. You're funny. You think Irish horses are crazy yet you own and ride a TB cross and love OTTBs??? And you think Irish horses are the crazy ones?!
    Grey horses are awesome...just sayin' ;)

  6. I like Irish horses, although some of the hotter ones would definitely be more than I can deal with. I get your points on the Irish and thought that was quite clever, then read Stacey's comment and laughed my a$$ off.

  7. I won't even get into this. I think both horses are cute, adorable, and quite...uhm "horsey." *G*


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