Monday, December 3, 2012

A Contest!

Tis the season for naughty nurses

I was going to host the 'Red Horse Fashion Awards' due to the fact that Cuna is currently getting ready for a walk off with another friend's red horse on FB. Then I realized how much more fun it would be to make it a team event, so here goes: welcome to the first ever:

"Team Sprinklers of Change: Tis the Season Holiday Photo Extravaganza Contest"!

Which is to say, IT'S PICTURE TIME!!! And CONTEST TIME!! And A PRIZE!!!

Here's how it works.

1) Pic the cutest candid shot you have that goes along with the phrase 'Tis the Season. It doesn't have to be Christmas--it could be 'tis the season for falling off. Be creative! Be edgy! Be entertaining! I'm specifically looking for candids--best action shots is a whole contest unto itself, but who wants to do that when it's wet and raining and winter?

2) Email that pic to me at by December 31, 2012.

Tis the season for pony loving
3) Here's the fun part: if you're like me and you always enter awesome pictures in online contests, but HATE all the ensuing vote-begging that the winners do, guess what? IT'S JUDGED!! No votes necessary (unless there is a tie).

Let me introduce the judging panel:

SprinklerBandits: Me. I love all things equine and pretty in pictures.

Cedes of Change: Our photographer! She has an eye for photography and loves all kinds of animals.

TeamFlyingSolo: Our guest expert! She has an eye for art, a hatred of all things trendy, and some impeccable taste.

We will be judging pictures the first week of January and posting the winner (or tie breaker!) the week following!!!

If you submit a pro photo, YOU MUST OWN IT. Anything obviously watermarked or stolen looking is disqualified.

No porn of the human variety.


  1. Sorry, I am still rolling laughing at your description of me, hahahahhahahha! Love the new format, BTW, sharp!

  2. Great idea!! I'll have to look and see if I have something that will work. :)

  3. We are IN!

    Now to pick the photo... go for entertaining or heart-warming, hmmm...

  4. Can't wait to see all the entries!

  5. Your final sentence begs the question: can human porn be candid? No need to answer. Unless you want to. ;]

    In any case, sounds very exciting! But I think it means I'll have to actually groom my horse. "Tis the Season for mud" doesn't have that winning flair.

    1. Ooooh... I never even considered that. The second definition on google is "Taken informally, esp. without the subject's knowledge."

      So I guess yes? Seems icky though.

  6. The "naughty horse nurse" photo is hysterical! I so wish I were that creative...maybe in my next life. ;) Can't wait to see the entries! Please post the top 20 or something along those lines so we can see some of the awesome photos you get.

  7. Oh! Forgot to add that I love the new layout!

  8. No porn of the human horse porn is acceptable I take it?? LOL

    1. You submit horse porn and I'll put it in the top ten. :p

  9. What a fun contest! I can't wait to see the photos, but picking one to send it ... hmmm...

  10. Great idea!! Sounds awesome :)

  11. OK, most important question: What is the prize?
    Is it porn? A pornographic picture? Hopefully NOT of the horse variety? ;-)


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