Thursday, December 6, 2012

Feeling the Pull

Suffice to say, sometimes the rest of my "normal" life gets away from me in the form of laundry, dishes, house cleaning, and seeing non-horsey friends (apparently some of them still like me?). As such, I firmly resolved to not go to the barn today. It's the only day this week I'm not working there and a break is good for everyone.

So Handsome

But I kept picturing this face.

Needless to say, I'm barn bound this afternoon. Who needs laundry anyways?

Especially in this weather... it didn't freeze last night and we have bugs coming back to life. Hellooooo 50f in December. Where have you been all my life?

The plan is jump and practice keeping my hips out of the saddle, my eyes up, and my hands steady. Those of you who watched our last video know that I tend to unfold early and then lose my hands, so I want to work at that over lower fences and see if we can't fix it.

Of course, that would mean foregoing this.

Jump? Hack? Both?

So many options when you have the world's rockingest old red horse.

Don't forget!! There's still time to enter our photo contest! I didn't mention it before because I never can remember to put all the information in one place, but the prize (!!) is a $15 smartpak gift card for those of you in the US. We will figure out an equivalent prize for those of you in the great blue (or white, ahem CANADA) yonder.


  1. Your problems sound like every horse person's problems: life or barn. The only time I do laundry now is when I run out of breeches :)

  2. I designate 1 day a week to these things...the rest is ride time! lol

  3. Replies
    1. No one's won yet!! Contest is still open for entries. :)

  4. The trick is to just keep buying more clothes. And dishes. That way even there's a bunch of dirty ones you can still stretch it out and just go to the barn!

  5. Seriously those things at home can always wait! Our precious ponies need us!

  6. Hearing this makes me feel like I am completely neglecting Koda! I've been out twice this week (damn weather...)

    I'm deciding on photos! I promise you'll get one this evening :)

  7. Haha! I so get this - I tell myself all the time I'm going to give the Pony a break from seeing my face but I always find some excuse to go see him. It's a disease...;)

  8. Why do housework when you can go to the barn and see your horse?? lol


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