Thursday, June 6, 2013

Be Positive

Things are going. Cuna was doing really, really well. He was to the point that I was thinking he'd come off the bute early and we might be in the saddle by this weekend.

Then he wasn't.

A little stiff, a little off. Then more stiff and definitely off. Still a thousand times better than pre-vet appointment, but not good. We made some diet/management changes. Today he is back to bilaterally uncomfortable, but not in pain and not noticeably more lame on one leg or the other.


It's actually an improvement over yesterday, which was not good. It's all an improvement over last week, which was horrific. I know it's horses and things happen and setbacks are to be expected, but when you're an abject overachiever who obsesses over details, it's hard to stomach.

I'm trying to be positive. He is better than he was. He's interested in life, expressive when grooming, and enjoying his turnout time. He can walk. He's bright and perky and calls to me in the morning. He's back to pretending to be a grumpy bastard all the time, which is hilarious.

In the interest of remaining positive, I got Cuna a new bridle (of course). I loved every detail, which usually means it will look shockingly bad on him. It came yesterday and Ellie took a couple of pictures on her phone of him wearing it today.

I wasn't sure at first, since it's pretty busy, but I think I kind of love it. It's a Mark Todd anatomical bridle with fancy stitching, a padded monocrown, fancy ass crank, removeable flash, and buckles everywhere.

Oh, and super flexible rubber reins with fancy raised fronts.

Given Cuna's cute markings, slightly dishy face, big brown eyes, and poofy forelock, he usually can't do busy.

This time, I think it works. It might be his look. I think I've finally found the compromise between the big padded things I love, and the refined look that suits his handsome face.

Plus obsessing over bridle fit (and how much I want to spend time conditioning and fiddling with the leather) is keeping me from obsessing over soundness.

He does look better. He is getting better. He will come back.

Those jumps aren't going to jump themselves.


  1. oooh! I like! he looks very distinguished. Can't wait for a review on the reins I'm most curious on that.

    Good vibes to Cuna!

  2. Love the bridle. Hang in there girl, you guys will get through this.

  3. I like the bridle! Hope he is feeling better soon!

  4. Those reins sound amazing! Rubber on the inside and fancy on the outside? Yes please. Hang in there.

  5. I will be positive with you! Slight improvement every day is a very good thing, concentrate on that. I love the bridle on him, he looks like an oversized fancy pony. You know how I adore ponies.

  6. Nice bridle! Hope Cuna continues to improve.

  7. Sending you and Cuna my best. Now that he has a spiffy new bridle, he will need to get sound so he can wear it properly. Clever motivation. I can see in his eye he likes the new look.

  8. The color is very nice on him. =)
    Sending you warm vibes for getting through this! So frustrating.

  9. Adding the bridle to my list of possible next bridle(s). It looks very distinguished on him!

    I'm sending all my soundness vibes your way.

  10. Lovely looking bridle - he pulls it off smashingly! :D

    Sending further healing vibes to Cuna!

  11. I love the bridle! I will think healing thoughts for Cuna.

  12. He looks downright sexual in that bridle.

  13. Love the new bridle on him... handsome!!!

  14. JUST found your blog so I have no clue what's going on..about to remedy that and look back on old posts. :) He is gorgeous! Love the bridle!

  15. I hope he continues to have more good days than bad and completely recover soon! Definitely like the bridle!


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