Thursday, June 20, 2013

Filling Up Time and Space

I'm still here, Cuna is still healing. It's a long, slow, long, did I mention long? process.

I have this massive reserve of nervous energy that I'd normally spend on riding, obsessing over Cuna, and buying him stuff. Given that I can't do the first, the second is making me crazy and the third got too expensive, I'm now driving my husband completely crazy. Maybe my friends too? They're just too polite to say so.

Anyways. I have been doing reorganization projects all around the house. The only interesting one is this: the horse corner.

In my garage, I keep a saddle rack, bridle bag, and some boxes of stuff. It's sort of been creeping and sprawling it's way across the garage the past year, so I decided some containment work was in order. First I went through all the stuff that was out there to determine what needed to be done. I've been pretty good about purging things I don't need, so there wasn't a lot to send to consignment.

Helpful beagle not included
Here's my best shot at a before picture:

I'd already pulled like 5 messy cardboad boxes out to go through and moved a giant stack of saddle pads on top of my trunk.

After tallying up what needed to be taken care of, I marched off to Walmart and purchased 4 large rubbermaid containers.

So many saddle pads
The largest one was for saddle pads. They are all washed and clean, but now they can stay that way until I get around to needing them again.

Note adorable snowflake polos

Next I organized my polos. All freshly laundered, all neatly rolled, all in a clear rubbermaid that allows me to keep tabs on them.

Cuna has quite an extensive polo collection. What can I say?

There is definitely room for more!
Then the boot box. It was a little less exciting than I thought it would be. My large collection of boots is both pared down and not expanding, due to Cuna's only wearing fleece or tfoam boots and those being quite expensive.

All the pretties

Slightly more exciting then a box full of boots is this: the BIT BOX. Oh, I do love bits. 

As long as I had them all out, I went ahead and inventoried them on (of course) a google document. Now in addition to having them organized and together, I have a simple way to keep track of what's there so I don't buy duplicates. You wouldn't think that's a big deal, but I had several bits I'd forgotten about already. Very fun. 

Finally, I made the "misc grooming" box. In it are quilts and wraps, a tail bag, braiding supplies, and spare bathing stuff like showsheen and shampoo. 

Winter blankets are getting sent out to be cleaned, but shipping boots, coolers, and sheets have taken up residence in my beloved and giant Stanley trunk. The blankets will join them shortly.

Much tidier
I put an old saddle pad down on the saddle rack to keep the undersides of the saddles nice, then stacked them up in covers. Noted: two of these saddles are moving on shortly. I only own two right now. Here's a more or less finished shot of the work.

Bye bye beautiful
The last step was to take all my strap goods inside from a thorough cleaning and then pack them away in the bridle bag.

I zipped it up and stepped back. All my awesome stuff is now dust free, organized, and safe from spiders.When I do get back to using it, everything will be clean and in order.


  1. Do you rent your organizational services out? If so, please come to my house and do the same thing. I neeeeeeed youuuuuuuu!

  2. Wow - what a job! Well done - want to come organise my stuff?! ;-)

  3. yup "Tack whore" for sure....but you are one up on the rest of us because now you are an organized Tack Whore! LOL

  4. Love organizing horse stuff - there's nothing better than a freshly organized tack room. Other stuff, not so much.

  5. Love this...nothing beats a good day of tidying up!

  6. Impressive! I often empty my tack trunk out just to play with things and put them away again.

  7. Ugh. I have to say, I'm totally jealous. My horse stuff is really sprawling... and it's so bad it sprawls to other locations! I have horse stuff at my apartment, at the barn (of course), at my parents house (2.5 hours away) AND at my boyfriend's parents house.

    Man, I need to organize!!

  8. Whoops! I forgot to tell you I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award!

  9. Being safe from spiders is the most important part! I am jealous of your organizational skills! Wanna come to North Dakota and organize my barn? I'll give you a Thoroughbred as payment!

  10. Yeah cleaning/organizing!! Always makes me feel so much better!

  11. Oh bummer -- I have been cleaning out my closet as well, and I could have given you some Rubbermaid tubs. :) Still, looks fantastic!

  12. I can't even tell you how filled with admiration I am! I'm inspired to get my stuff organized.

  13. Love organization! At least, of horse stuff...
    Hopefully you'll be able to pull things out soon!

  14. I just love that feeling that comes from being freshly organized, clean and tidy!

  15. I nominated you for an award today. :0)

  16. Bittersweet tasks are tough - both frustrating because of why but positive in that its productive.
    I also nominated you for the Liebster award (again).

  17. Sooooo, when can you come do mine? I have tack everywhere. Some in the trailer, some in the shop, some in the living room, more in the spare bedroom... I swear the stuff multiplies when you aren't looking.

  18. Oh I need to do this! My trailer tack room is scary and my garage is too! I have boxes upon boxes of stuff, loosely organized. Almost hubby put up awesome garage shelving for me, swoon! He still complains about "that giant western saddle in the garage you never use"!


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