Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Goals-ish

The best at stuff
I'm trying to  be positive and focus on the things that I want to do when winter finally ends. In light of that, here's the list I'm aiming for this year.

2014 Goals

-go chase cows
Let's face it: I live in the west and there are plenty of horses that still make a living on ranches. Courage is going to have to embrace cows if he's going to live out here. They're everywhere. I might as well take advantage of that. I've never done it before and it sounds like fun.

So spunky

-do a mini endurance ride
I'm still working out the details, but it's something I've wanted to try for years. Might as well give it a go. I'm in contact with an endurance friend about finding an actual ride to participate in. We'll see how it goes.

-jump 3'
This one should be wicked easy. I'm going say that I want to be competent at 2'9" courses by the end of the year. Not "hunter round" polished and perfect, but safe and sane without being over faced.

Practicing for the water jump
-run BN cross country (maybe school some novice?)
We'll do our best to hit a couple of clinics and local derbies. The little man is brave and clever, so I don't think it will be a problem

-do some local jumper shows
I don't have the finances to haul to big out of state shows, but I just want him to get out and learn about the show environment and hopefully start his own ribbon collection. Up til now, all he's won is money... wait...

Long Range Goals

-Do a hunter derby
Not even kidding. Upper level eventing doesn't call my name, but these look so incredibly fun.

Photo by Lauren at She Moved to Texas - used with permission

Dream goal

-Qualify C-rage for the derby finals in Kentucky. I'm still on the fence about whether I'd want to ride him myself or hire someone with a much better shot of winning, but I'm confident that we're way too far out for that to be a big deal right now.

Unrealistic? Totally. Fun? Absolutely. I know absolutely nothing about hunters, beyond their fixation on braiding (gag). I don't know if Courage is going to be fancy enough. I don't even know how to go about qualifying. I do know that giving him a solid basic education, including lots of desensitization, natural obstacles, and practice at being handy will only help.

Squint and pretend the jump is huge
We'll try to do a couple clinics with hunter-type people and get some realistic feedback. I have no idea if it will all work out, but a girl can dream.

I'm getting excited for riding weather.


  1. You know I am way pro hunter derby. To qualify for the international hunter derby finals in Lexington is $$$$$$$$$$ and involves a lot of A/AA miles in order to be able to go. I want to say the fences are high performance hunter height, which is 3'6"-3'9" with high options getting closer to 4'. I'm not a derby expert by any means, but I should write up a more detailed explanation of them on my blog sometime... if nothing else because I have lots of pictures to share!

    You guys should totally play hunters more. It's the kind of sport that people don't seem to respect until they dabble, and tons of local shows are hosting their own derbies now since they are so popular. I'm doing a 2'6" one this year and *maybe* a 2'9" later in the year if we're ready!

  2. That sounds like a damn good time to me!

  3. I want to get Mollie out to chase cows SO. FRICKEN. BAD! I wish we were out west and they were more readily available.

  4. Hunters are fun...shhh don't tell anyone I said that;)

  5. A limited distance endurance like a 25 or 30mi would be totally easy, i've done one on a rent string QH who was not particularly in shape (nor was I, although I was young). EVen the 50 mi really don't feel that long once your into it, and man its an amazing feeling when you finish.... and I love chasing cows :)

  6. "Up til now, all he's won is money... wait..." lol!

    Sounds like some good goals and spring really is right around the corner. If we keep telling ourselves that it will be true... just watch!! :)

  7. I totally dig derby's, would love to do one :)

  8. I think the derbies are a great idea! They are super fun and it's always good to dream big.

  9. Brilliant & diversified goals, fab list!

  10. National derbies are 3'-3'6" and International derbies are 3'6"-4' with the max height always being at an option fence. (you see plenty of juniors/Ammy's ride the 3' options all the way around)

    Hunter Land does take $$$$, but I don't actually think it's that hard to qualify... And from my experience a lot of great derby horses don't always win their Hunter divisions since they have to be bolder, handier and able to adjust from the regular round to the handy... It's shocking how many of the totally drool worthy gorgeous beauty queen hunters freak out in the derby ring.. so you can be competitive with a less fancy mover, though you still need a really stylish jump to score the big points.

    I love all these goals!


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