Thursday, July 10, 2014


I know, you're all like "wtf SB, that horse jumps all the time". The answer is yes. And also no. The compelling reason that I am running this hastily-thrown together photo smorgasboard instead of the very thoughtful post I actually wrote is that Ellie is in town (for obvious reasons) and redheadlins came to the barn (for equally obvious reasons) and so I snagged a training ride for Courage and Ellie photographed it!! Alyssa did too, but I don't have those pictures back yet, so there will be more later. Just added them too!!


Commence epic photo smorgasm.
Really loving the new bit on him. Contact, what what?!

Check out that uphill canter!

Lil warm up vertical. 

Oxer!!! Love both their expressions.

Air time
And from Alyssa:

Jumping across!

So grown up

Confident and respectful

We measured the oxer after their session and it's full on novice height, 2'11". That's the biggest jump he's ever done under saddle and he took it like a champ. No deer leaping, no nervousness. (thanks to redheadlins for the fantastic ride, too!)

It's days like these that make me feel good about my approach with the little guy. Yeah, I'm going slow and taking my time. I know so many people would probably get it done quicker, since he's obviously talented enough. You know what? He attacked this jump with total confidence. He believes in himself and he knows what he's doing.

That's worth waiting for.


  1. He looks really confident and happy! Go Courage!

  2. He looks amazing...I know I keep saying it - but you picked a good one. He is so careful, with more work he will be absolutely spectacular over fences.

    What bit did you switch too? Was it a mullen mouth? That bit is the bomb, both William and Penny go in it.

  3. He's looking great, SB. His confidence is going to help your confidence and you'll feed off each other. I think you're doing everything right taking your time :)

  4. HOORAY! Those pictures of Courage are awesome, congrats on the big oxer! I'm in total agreeance (is that even a word?) with your "slow down and take our time" approach to his training, it seems to be working out well for you guys! :)

    Also, can I start using "anywhoodle"? It might be my new favorite word. Truth.

  5. He is sure enjoying his job! You guys look great :)

  6. Eeep he looks amazing!!! I totally agree with Promise up there!

  7. He looks amazing! You take your time with him, he's a special kid! :)

  8. Right on! So proud and excited.

  9. I think you're handling his training perfectly! Can't argue with those results :) I want my very own Redheadlins, too!

    1. Yeah, totally spoiled here. Everyone should be so lucky.

  10. ALWAYS worth waiting for! Never any regrets for going slow! SOOOOOO exciting!!

  11. Yay!!!! Go Courage!!! You're doing such a great job with him. There is nothing wrong with slow!

  12. Slow and steady wins the race! But he looks like an old hat!

  13. Dang, is he looking so professional. I can't believe how much his form has changed!

  14. He really looks great! His evolution has really been so fun to watch!

  15. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fabulosity of redheadlin's powder blue helmet? *swoon* I DIE!

    And woot for C-rage killin' it softly!

  16. He is da man! I love my helmet! ;)

  17. wow you definitely have a talented guy!


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