Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weekend Fun: Meet the New Guy

Those of you who follow me on instagram or facebook have probably noticed a new face started popping up last week. I mean, I always have random cute racehorses, but one was cuter than the others and then he was meeting Courage and going under saddle...

Yep. Dapple bay and all.
A couple of you have asked about him. I mean, it's hard not to. His face is ridiculously adorable and he's built like a champ.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Prisoner, pedigree here.

He's a Kentucky-bred 2007 model TB who we put the OT on last Saturday. He's something less than a stunning success on the track, netting just over $4,000 in four years of racing.

Yes, you read that right.

Looking cute on the back side
As I rule, I stay away from horses for sale on the backside because I want (almost) all of them, but this guy is special. I had my eye on him, and when his trainer said he was available, I immediately started taking crappy pictures of him and sending them to my good friend Ellie. I really can't be doing two boarded horses and a car payment, but this guy needed a soft landing with lots of love and Ellie needed something sweet and fun and pretty.

Because she is brave (and knows us really well), Ellie agreed to buy him even though she'd only ever glimpsed his adorable white nose over the stall for like ten seconds one time this summer.

Prisoner (working on the new name, ok?) moved in to Courage's barn for the next month to get nicely restarted. I think he's looking at much the same schedule Courage had--light riding through the fall, winter off, and then getting going for real next spring.

First ride off the track. HE'S SO FANCY I COULD DIE.
In the mean time, yours truly gets to play with him and take pictures of his cute little face. Redheadlins is doing the heavy lifting in terms of training, but Alyssa and I can do useful things too and of course Ellie will join us as much as her schedule allows.

He's aimed for a dressage/trails/open shows/all around type career and yes, Ellie assures me she will blog about him. Plus she is a kick ass photographer, so expect to be inundated with pro-quality pictures instead of my usual camera-phone business.

If I had room in the budget for two, I'd never let this little guy slip away. He and Ellie are going to have so much fun together. I'm glad I got to be a part of his rehoming team and I look forward to their continued adventures together!

And yes, you can always count on me for Prisoner updates. This is my first time helping out with a resale, and he sort of feels like my little god pony already.


  1. Daw! I'd have had a hard time letting one that adorable slip through my grabby fingers, too! Great job finding him a home, and keep the adorable photo spam coming. ;)

  2. New name idea - Prism? Has the same sound at the beginning.

  3. *swoon*
    What a cutie - yay Ellie. I hope she has a wonderful time with him and that she does start blogging. Having seen the photos on here that she has taken of you and your handsome ads - i cannot wait for her to join the blogosphere!
    Please link us all when Prisoner (new-name) & Ellie join the blogging world!

  4. So cool that you guys found him a good home! He's so pretty!

  5. That face!! So glad he found a great new home :)

  6. OMG he's the cutest! Besides Mr. Courage, of course :)

  7. Aw, so cute!! How exciting!

  8. Such a sweet face! Glad he has a new home :)

  9. What a cutie! Yay for Ellie!

  10. That dapple bay - so good looking!

  11. He really is sharp and fancy! I can see why it was hard to let him go. :) Can't wait to hear how he does in his second career.

  12. OOohhhhhhh he is CUTE! Thankfully there is no room at the inn in my parts. Good luck with him. He looks fun to ride.

  13. Oh my gosh! He is super good looking! I LOVE OTTBs!

  14. Such a handsome boy! Can't wait to hear all about his progress!

  15. He's so cute!!! Congrats to Ellie!

    P.S. Does Ellie already have a blog or does she still have to make one?

  16. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn! He's built nicely! She's going to have a lot of fun with him.


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