Thursday, July 3, 2014

Long Term Plans (or "How to Make my Brain Explode")

The best at being cute with a mask on
I gave Courage a couple days off this week while I thought about the big picture--what we're doing and where we're going. (I am NOT a big picture person in general, so yes, I do have to set aside time to figure that sort of thing out.)

First things first: we adjusted our goals. My nervous riding+Courage being green was not helping anyone out in the XC field. I made an executive decision to just be ok with not doing that anymore this year. I'm not ruling out chucking redheadlins up in the tack and sending them off, but it doesn't need to be me at this point in time.

We are also not sort of hoping to scrape it together and do the little hunter derby in August. If all went according to plan this year, it wasn't out of reach, but nothing has worked out the way I meant it to. If Courage goes to the jumper shows in August, he'll do the 2' division and a flat class or something. And again, not ruling out trainer rides for that. I need calm, positive experiences just as much as he does.

Of course I wish it was a dee
We're also mixing up the tack front a little bit. I dropped us down to an even softer bit and am taking a couple rides to just solidify the things we worked on for cowpony day. Great takeaways there, really happy with what our western fling did for my little man.

Wednesday we just did w/t/c both directions on the buckle and let everything flow forward. I think it's good confidence building for me and it relaxes him because I'm not picking at all. It was a surprisingly great ride. Maybe next time we'll try using the new bit? Hard to say.

Not gonna lie, totally want a stock saddle right now. I need to get other financial ducks in a row first, but how cute would C-rage be as a pony horse? Team penner?

Too cute.

What can I say? Sometimes I stress buy. Ebay loves me.

So that's where I'm at. I'm an ammy. It's summer. My horse is cute. At the end of the day, I want a calm, all-around horse who I can have fun on, whether that's doing an XC clinic or winning a belt buckle at some crazy western event*. I'm not going to keep freaking out that I'm overfacing my horse and ruining him or that I'm not challenging him enough and he'll never amount to anything.

You know what? I'm having fun with him right now, and that is the whole entire point.




*Hey, I can dream. Belt buckles are possibly cooler than ribbons because it's socially appropriate to wear them around and show off.

PS I know I keep editing my swears. I go back and forth between "HAHA BITCHES I'M A GROWN UP" and "oh my god, kids read this blog". That is a big picture question for another day.


  1. Western is a lot of fun and it's addictive, haha!! I don't show, but I do love having a versatile horse that I can go western, english or even tackless and do basically whatever (minus jump because he's clumsy, I'm clumsy, we'd die. Lol!)

    With that being said, I recently bought a roping saddle and sold my barrel saddle and oh my gosh, that roper is the best thing I've ever sat in. Comfortable and I can do different things in it. I totally recommend Buffalo Saddlery if you ever go in head-first and buy a western saddle. :D

  2. Nice big picture you've got going. Keep keeping things calm and positive, it can only help. :)

  3. I get that about the swearing - some days I don't care, some days I do.

    I think you are well on your way to an all around horse!

  4. I'm a big picture person too, and I always have to remind myself that I'm not in some huge race to get somewhere. At the of the day it's about doing what you love with your horse. You and Courage have such a great relationship, love that you are enjoying it!

  5. Seriously, I needed to read this. I feel like I'm a little in the same place with Loki. I need to just go have fun and stop worrying so much about the other stuff.

    (I do the same thing. I'm not offended when people use 'grown up' words but I always worry about offending someone when I do the same thing. Kinda silly but oh well!)

  6. I live every day with the mentality of "HAHA BITCHES, I'M A GROWNUP!" (This is the best phrase ever.)

    I constantly wonder if my real-life friends are amazed at how little swearing there is in my blog. ;)

  7. You could also think about a cross-over saddle, unless you are going to rope off of him. Something like an aussie or tucker that has a pommel, western or English fenders and a flatter seat. I really wanted an aussie, but the rock on them does not fit my flatbacked horse. The Alta I am riding in is a great trail saddle, deep enough to cut cattle on, and close contact enough to do dressage. We've even jumped a straw bale in it. :)~

  8. Yep yep yep. We pay too much money for the horse to only do one job. Plus mixing it up is good for them and for us. =)

  9. Ahh, if only you were a tiny kid! I have a 15" western saddle that needs a new home!!

  10. all good thoughts! I loved all my Summer Camp time with P and working outside of my "normal" training mindset/agenda. I wish I did it more with Prair, and maybe we'd both benefit from it, but that's how we got to the Hunter Ring in the first place!

  11. This summer was supposed to be about showing 2'6". But early on, it ended up being about trying new things and having a blast. And so far, so good. And everyone is jealous of my all around horse - which makes me a proud mama, even if I didn't personally do his training ;)

  12. Excellent conclusion! I fully approve. Solo gives it four hooves up, hahaha! I had hoped to do a lot with Encore this year too. We're not even talking big shows, just some lessons and fun things. It's so frustrating when like, your entire life gets in the way. But at the end of the day, every little hack or even just a handgraze as the sun goes down, just me and the boys, is a treasure to me.

  13. Screw you blogger. It ate my nice comment. So now I'll just retype, conclusion good. Grrrr.

  14. Western dressage.... Watched a couple classes this past weekend... I think it's going to be Pongo's next chapter. I love my western saddle, FLORAL HAND TOOLING....Obsessed it's gorgeous and it never leaves my garage. Get ready. I too want all.the.belt.buckles.

  15. Prefect post here. It is all about fun and the love of the animal, I think a lot of professionals and amateurs lose sight of this and that is when misery happens. I do my best to keep a few long term goals and then try to just enjoy each ride for its own merit, if I don't I go batty.

  16. As long as you are enjoying yourself then that is all that matters. Courage only really cares that his momma is happy

  17. In all honesty, if I was an ammy, I'd ride pure Western. So low-pressure, so chilled, so fun!
    *raises hand timidly* Yep, kids read your blog. You're looking at 'em. I don't support swearing, but I *do* totally dig your writing voice. Makes this my favourite place on the blogosphere.

  18. You go girl, live in the now & have fun with your horse!
    Goals etc re all well and good - but not if we're not having fun.
    PS: love your PSA re:swearing :D

  19. Courage doesn't care if he "doesn't amount to anything" so take it as slow as you want and just have fun with your horse.

    I got that mentality from you, btw, when I was trying to decide between the talented hot mess and the already fun steady eddy. =-)

    I'm with ya on the belt buckles! So cool.

  20. Im feeling the same...I am really enjoying just taking care of my ponies and growing with them at the moment!


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