Friday, December 19, 2014

Po' Folk

rocking the free halter

A local trainer is hosting a seminar for riders that is sort of a holistic wellness/riding goals/financial planning thing/nutrition counselling thing. There's a cost to attend (obviously), which rules us out as attendees. Instead, Redheadlins and I made a list of things to say to the financial planner just to bring her joy:

  • Um well, I try to pay my bills usually, but it's a mild panic if I have to take a sick day.
  • If my bill is printed in red, I know I should pay it first.
  • I pay board before my car payment because I have my priorities.
  • The only thing I put on credit is vet bills and tack.
  • If I have enough cash for coffee, creamer, butter, and popcorn, I feel my groceries are covered.
  • My idea of a night out on the town is cooking dinner at a friend's house.
  • Do English Tack Trader and Craigslist sales count as income?
  • If I have more than half a tank of diesel, I feel financially secure.
  • When I'm depressed about being poor, I eat cookies and ice cream. If I can afford ice cream.
  • My biggest financial goal is to buy a saddle that costs almost as much as my car.
  • Savings for a new car? My hay barn is full.
  • I use sauve shampoo to save money so my horse can get the cool stuff.
  • When things break around the house, I pretend it's Little House on the Prairie and go without. 
It was all a very hilarious gag until we got an offer to attend the seminar for free. 

Soooo I'll keep you posted if we actually say any of those things to said financial planner or (heaven forbid!) the nutritionist. In the mean time, anything to add to the po' folk list? 


  1. Hey, are we on for dinner at Cindy's house Saturday night???? 😊

  2. That moment when you write a hilarious comment and blogger eats it...

  3. Hahah sounds about right. I could have written any of those bullet points, rings true to me! :)

  4. The sad thing is, most of it is true for equestrians. LOL

  5. How about my horse gets $135 shoes every six weeks, but I buy myself $30 shoes once a year.

  6. • You can call living off a pot of soup for a whole week "a new fad diet!" so people don't look at you funny for your extreme dietary frugal-ness.
    • Spending all that extra time at the barn means you consume so much less media, saving you tons of money on a cable bill!
    • Bonus tip! Try feeding your horse candy corn instead of sugar cubes. It's way cheaper, especially if you hit up the after halloween sales! $.99 for a month worth of treats? Yes please! Plus, it's picky thoroughbred approved!

    1. • Sick of paying for air conditioning? Try getting all your clothes wet and sticking them in the freezer! There is nothing more refreshing than a frozen bra...
      • Cost of heating your home got you down? Try setting your heat to "hope the pipes don't burst" and instead layer up! Finally overspending on all those cute barn jackets is coming in financially savvy!

    2. Haha!! Yes. I think we understand each other.

  7. ROFL Please, please PLEASE say the last one. That is so priceless!!

  8. * How much ramen can a person eat before scurvy becomes a real possibility?

    * I don't need a phone - the mail was good enough for my great-grandparents, so it's good enough for me! Send me a postcard if you want to get together.

  9. My best horsey friend and I have a silly joke we always tell each other, it goes:

    "What are the po' folks doing?"
    "They're riding their horses!"

    It's called "horse poor" for a reason, but I'd rather be horse poor than rich!

  10. "When I'm depressed about being poor, I eat cookies and ice cream. If I can afford ice cream." This is my life! Hahaha

  11. Ahh this is all so true. Rico for sure ate better than I did when we were competing. He got only the best grain, supplements, and hay while I ate ramen for weeks on end! Not much has changed since his retirement...

  12. That's awesome you get to go to the seminar for free!! Let us know how it goes. :D Also your list is hilarious, but I'm too tired to think of anything to add.

  13. Ahahaha that is so funny. Board > other bills. Tack, vet bills, and sometimes shows = credit card debt. Clothes for pony > clothes for human. Supplements and good food for pony > food for human. I think if I really added it up, I'm aiming to pay something like 12,000-15,000/year on board, vet, shows, training, etc. next year. I finally make an alright salary and instead of being conservative I just move to a fancier barn and add a bunch of shows to my list... but think of all of the savings I could've had! Think of the down payment on a house I could've had!!! My savings account right now = 14$. And let's not talk about my CC debt. Which of course I should pay off with my tax return, but instead I'm getting a dressage saddle, because, you know, WE NEED IT.

    My first thought when I got notice of my raise for 2015 was "well that's a little more than a lesson every pay check, so that's what I'll do with that raise, lesson money." haha!

    po' people unite. I think what they say about horses being an addition is true.

  14. $4.50 tresemme shampoo/ conditioner right over here.


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