Monday, December 1, 2014

Teensy Puppy Meets the Ponies

And I think I have a long body. Dachshund problems.
Nothing like the Monday after a holiday. I don't have anything overly deep or brilliant to add to the greater equine conversation today, BUT I DO HAVE TEENSY PUPPY PICTURES.

Omg hang on to your hats.

Alyssa (she of the mighty camera) and I went to have a pony day with new local blogger Micaylah and her fun pony Riesling.

Chek thinks horses are really big
First off, Ries is a super cool horse. He's a 12 year old OTTB that Micaylah's had long enough to be quite proud of all the solid work she's done with him. He's learning to be a dressage horse right now and he's lots of fun.

Also flea bitten grey. Pretty fancy.

Hm check out those muscles he has

Micaylah showed us all his fun moves and because I have the maturity level of roughly a preschool child I was all "OMG I WANT A TURN GRABBY HANDS".

Apparently I can not haz dressage. Oh well. 

She was nice enough to let me ride Riesling and play with my puppy whilst I flopped around like some sort of gelatinous invertebrate on her fancy dressage saddle.

Ries was lovely and fun and someday I hope I can ride him better (if M still thinks giving out turns is a good idea, ha!). I may have cured her of that.

Dat face doh
Chek was not impressed.

He was also not afraid.

So obviously this had to happen:

It was a fun day and I ended up with this shot too:

He didn't end up getting to ride Courage because when I rode, it was Courage's first time in the indoor while it was pouring rain. He was very, very good, but I was a little on edge and Chekov didn't want to get out from under Micaylah's hoodie.

Much warm. Very snuggle.


  1. Cute poneh and puppy!

  2. Fun! Chek is adorable as always, and Riesling looks like a really cool guy :)

  3. Ugh the photo of his little face is killer. I wants.

  4. Puppy cuteness!!!!

  5. Haha of course you can ride again! Chek can always snuggle with me. And now I know why you asked what a spineless animal is called lol

  6. I love the last picture. Family photo op!

  7. OMG I have a thing for greys and that horse is stunning. What do you mean you no haz dressage?? Crazy lady. You look awesome

  8. Love that last picture! Cute puppy. :)

  9. Have I completely missed you getting a new puppy??? LOVE that last picture!

  10. Chekov is obv a horse show dog. SEND HIM TO MEEEEE lol

  11. that puppy is too much!! Riesling is pretty nice too :)

  12. Ermahgawd, quick cover that puppeh's butt! He needs a longer blanket stat, or else he might just get smaller and cuter in the cold. And we wouldn't want that, now would we? ;)

  13. Fun!! Also you look great on the fancy gray horse. :D Your dog is the cutest thing on four paws. I've absolutely loved all the pictures on IG. :D

  14. My Ozzy has the same long body problems! haha too cute. Love his smug face there!!!


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