Thursday, December 4, 2014

So Far, So Good

you know how sometimes blogger hates pictures? that is today.
It's been a little more than a week now that Courage has been at the new barn. I'll be really honest here and admit that I was petrified to move him. We LOVED our old barn and I was 100% confident that he was absolutely perfectly taken care of at all times. There were only a few horses, so I always knew the BO had time to keep an eye on him and treat him like her own (ie crazy spoiled) and we shared very similar horsekeeping ideas. 
So much space
And it's not that the new place is weird or scary or bad. It's just different, and different takes some getting used to. For example, at our lovely old place, Courage had a large stall, PLUS a big, bedded, covered run. It was awesome. He was never, ever wet or dirty. All winter long, I could just spritz his tail with showsheen from time to time and it was perfect.

Enter outdoor run.

Courage thinks it's AWESOME. He's always liked standing in the rain, he thinks rolling in the mud is TEH SHIZ, and he likes his afternoon sunshine naps.

I'm happy he's happy, but my inner show groom dies a little bit every time I see that thick, full, muddy tail of his that I won't really be able to wash until spring.

I mean, yeah, I could clean it, but he's just going to roll in the mud again.
Courage has a turnout buddy now. He LOOOOOVES him. Apparently, they play like idiots and the only harm is a couple of bite marks that I'm sure he deserved. It's good for Courage to have to learn to be a horse without me micromanaging him and I know that. 

overlooking the turnouts on a sunny day
I'm having to let go a little bit, and that really is good for both of us. Besides, every single ride, Courage is reminding me of why I wanted him in the first place. He has this incredible brain and he takes changes in stride. So far, he hasn't batted an eye at things like these:

-first time in an indoor
-first time with a buddy in the indoor
-first time having a buddy leave him in the indoor
-first outdoor ride on new property
-changes to indoor scenery
-ice breaking up on the roof of the indoor
-epic rainstorm while in the indoor with three girls and a puppy
-lunging in a small space
-cantering in a small space
-watching another horse zoom around on the lunge
-standing on the buckle while another horse spooks
In fact, the only thing that has bothered him was his good old fashion nemesis: dark spots in the sand. 

I'll take it. 

First lesson is set for this afternoon. Can't wait!


  1. Hope the lesson goes well!

    Courage looks happy in the new place

  2. Sounds like Courage is taking it all in stride really well! Adjusting to ice breaking off the an indoor roof and crashing to the ground is the one single thing I feel like horses are either totally ok with or ABSOLUTELY NOT OK THE SKY IS FALLING. Believe me, having the latter is much preferable :)

  3. Dark spots in the sand are really black holes to another dimension. Didn't you know that?

  4. Mud is good for kids and horses! And so are turnout buddies.

  5. Change is always hard, but it seems like you're keeping a good attitude about it and keeping your priorities in line. And expanding C-rage's horizons is great!

  6. Moving is always stressful, even if you are sure you want to do it. I'm going to sympathize with the mud issue. Pig is a priss, and hates mud, but with a pasture that is 80% deep clay mud he can't help but be coated in it from the knee down. His tail is a horror I just don't think about until spring. Sigh. I keep repeating "24/7 turnout keeps him sound, 24/7 turnout keeps him sound, 24/7 turnout keeps him sound..."

  7. I'm so happy for you that it is going well! Good luck with your lesson. :)

  8. Change is tough, but I bet you will love this place as much as the old one!

  9. moving to a new barn is tough on a few levels - from figuring out how to latch the gates (why is this so hard?) to learning a new routine... glad he's settling in well tho! enjoy the lesson!!

  10. Boarding is always a compromise, but I'm glad that he's happy even if he's not very clean, haha!

  11. Good luck and have fun at your lesson!

  12. Hope you have fun in your lesson! The new barn sounds great :)

  13. hope that you have a good lesson! I can not wait to hear about it, the new barn sounds great fun!

  14. I'm glad that you and courage are getting all settled in even with the mud. I hope that the lesson went well!

  15. dark spots in the sand.... I thought my horse was on the only horse afraid of them!!

  16. Hope the lesson was awesome! Prisoner chooses to take advantage of the mud in the field regularly.

  17. Hope you guys had a great lesson, so great to hear that Courage is taking it all in stride. A good horse brain cannot be beaten

  18. Moving to a new place is always nerve wracking no matter how nice the place is. I've had to do it a lot. Glad that he is doing so well, though!

  19. Courage is such a good boy!! I'm so glad the move is going well. :D

  20. This will all help him grow into the man you know he can be!


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