Friday, April 3, 2015

Fail Sauce

I scheduled a last minute lesson yesterday because Courage has been coming back in to work really well and I thought eyes on the ground would be nice.

Specifically, the past few weeks have been a little too stop/go/stop/back/stop/gallop sideways/stop to get any sort of rhythm going.

um hello almost a dressage position
So lesson. Courage warmed up great. Stretchy, sound, using his back, acting like his normal (good) self.

And then Courage was like "eff this shiz fo REALZ" and decided to peace out.

can't complain about this
But I rode proactively and talked him out of it and we proceeded to have some really nice work at the canter. He was a little anxious, but the more he realized he didn't hurt, the more he was willing to do.

Or so it seemed.

Alyssa wins at dressage pictures
And then Courage was like "PEACE YO"

it's what all the cool kids do
And we got demoted to the lunge line.

While being supervised by a cat.

And Courage was like "oh totes have to stay on the circle and calm the eff down now".

Which like, he can do. 

Just fine. With or without tack on.

With zero anxiety.

So try not to think too hard about how that means this is a rider problem.

thug lyf
I made a plan with C and am instituting some equipment changes (Nice to meet you, Mr Standing Martingale. I've missed you, Ms Full Cheek Snaffle.)

And we'll be back at it eventually. But not today because vaccinations were yesterday (after the lesson) and rhythm is for pansies.


I mean really. Why address your problems head on when you can gallop sideways at them?

10 engagement
They'll never see us coming.


  1. Ugh that's so frustrating. Hopefully your tack changes and such will address the problem and he'll go back to his usual self!

  2. Fiction does the same thing - is going fine and then flips out randomly for no reason. Sometimes it is rider error (I fiddle too much with his mouth), but sometimes the work just gets too hard and he balks/throws a fit. It could be a bit of a strength issue, especially at the canter, and Courage is flailing in an attempt to get out of work because it is hard :(.

    Anyways, I hope it gets sorted out!

  3. Cat supervision is always needed for flailing carousel horses.

  4. My trainer has a huge TB that does this! He's his own worst enemy, will pick a fight and if he's successful at baiting you, it's on! He recently got demoted to a standing martingale (and a Micklem) too! Let's see what happens.

    Btw, WELL SAT! You've got some serious stickability there sister!

  5. Omg the cat. I need a cat supervisor.

  6. Ugh. You'll get through it. You always do! I bet Courage is just getting this all out of the way (for the whole year) so you can have an amazing positive summer together.

  7. Girl, you are WAY STICKIER than I. Impressive :-)

  8. SO impressed with your stickability as well! Oh Courage... you are not supposed to be the best at everything. Like tantrums. Don't be the best at those.

  9. Maybe Mr. Cat should help supervise a few rides and set Courage straight! :) I hope things get resolved for you quickly, misbehaving horses can quickly become frustrating (at least for me!).

  10. let's just get this stuff its own line on dressage tests- like can we get a collective mark for "spontaneous NOPE discussions" or something? it's a skill...

  11. I, too, admire your stickability and your calm manner at handling his tantrums! It will pass. But in the meantime, I second the martingale idea lol!

  12. Please consider the ulcer question.

  13. You look like you stayed calm and collected. Indy has had some of these moments at the canter and I know how unpleasant they can be. Hang in there and keep your sense of humor about it :)

  14. Haha at least you take it all in good humor. Baby tbreds sure can be difficult when they start figuring out how to use all that athleticism.... I'm pretty sure dressage just teaches tbreds how to be little devils :D

  15. We call my friends cat "coach" because he's always watching us lol. Hope the changes help get the sillies out for you.

  16. You guys will find a way to work thru this.It'shat you do. Way to stick with him and ride it out. Sometimes that's all you can do.

  17. At least you have some um, badass? pictures to show for it? Agree with everyone else about your stickability!

  18. Yowza, good for you for staying on and keeping your sense of humour. Very inspiring to this wimpy rider! And now I have that song "Courage" by the Tragically Hip in my head….

  19. Oh boy! Great job sticking through it.

  20. Ahaha I love it when this kind of excitement is captured in pictures. And I agree- you're sticky!

  21. I'm sure the cat was super helpful. And despite the crappy time you had, the cover photo is super beautiful :)

  22. Kika did this to me today, such silly billies and horses really are their own worst enemies

  23. running sideways at problems is the best haha - and if anybody can do it, you two can! good luck :)

  24. "while supervised by a cat" lol

  25. I know I'm not supposed to laugh at those pictures, but all I can imagine is Courage saying "I want to be freeeee!"

    1. Um, I'm totally laughing at these. Glad you're joining. ;-)


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